CFP: Mapping Women's Poetries at the fin de siecle (11/1/04; journal issue)

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Dr M. Thain
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CFP: Journal edition: Mapping Women's Poetries at the fin de siecle*** =

Journal of Victorian Literature and Culture=20

Editors' Topic: Mapping Women's Poetries at the fin de si=E8cle=20

Edited by Marion Thain and Ana Vadillo=20

The purpose of this publication is to rethink the relationship between =
fin-de-si=E8cle women's poetry, and the poetry, poetics and politics of =
the late-Victorian period. This special edition of Victorian Literature =
and Culture aims to map women's poetry by tracing an array of the many =
positions from which the woman poet could speak at the turn of the =
century. The current emerging dialogue between the recognised types of =
the New Woman and the Female Aesthete is the start of such a process, =
but we need to do more to recognise the spectrum of positions that exist =
between, and around, the two. The variety of positions we hope to =
recognise in this edition will reflect a diversity of voices which will =
reveal women poets' key role in the formation and articulation of the =
culture of the period (mainstream and marginal). The resulting myriad of =
voices, we suggest, will overturn the current (and often reductive) =
cartography which tends to classify women's poetry as a separate =
cultural category rather than an integrated part of the recognised =
cultural variety of the fin de si=E8cle. We are seeking papers that =
position women's poetry in relation to any recognised political, =
cultural, or artistic manifesto of the turn of the century, uncovering =
women poets' engagement with major or minor trajectories. Such positions =
might include:

-- women's poetry in the context of decadent and aesthetic periodicals =
such as The Yellow Book, The Savoy, The Dial or Oscar Wilde's Woman's =
World. =20

-- women poets' engagement with radical new movements such as =
anti-vivisectionism or vegetarianism.=20
-- women's poetry and the politics of conservatism, liberalism, =
socialism, anarchism etc. (for example the Fabians).=20
-- women's poetry and religious or atheistic groupings and societies. =20
-- women's poetry and the Empire; responses to the New Imperialism; =
migration and immigration.=20
-- women poets and any of a variety of Aesthetic theories and figures =
(i.e. impressionism, symbolism, decadence, John Ruskin, Walter Pater, =
etc.) or to any other literary/poetical movement.=20

-- women poets and the Rhymers' Club, or any other literary coterie=20
-- women poets relationship to New Woman literature.=20
-- women's poetry and fin-de-si=E8cle intellectual networks of any kind. =

-- women's poetry and technological or scientific groups and discourses=20
-- women's poetry and factions within the visual arts.=20
-- the relationship between women's poetry and any other cultural =

Deadline: 1 November 2004=20

Word length: around 7-8,000 words (20 to 30 pp.)=20

Style: MLA style=20

Please send electronic and paper copies of your paper, by the deadline, =
to both:=20

Dr Ana Vadillo:=20
School of English and the Humanities,=20
Birkbeck College=20
University of London,=20
WC1E 7HX=20 <>=20

Dr Marion Thain:=20
Department of English,=20
University of Birmingham,=20
B15 2TT=20 <>=20

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