CFP: ReBlurring the Boundaries: New Developments in Intermedia (12/15/04; collection)

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Bernd Herzogenrath

ReBlurring the Boundaries: New Developments in Intermedia

Over the past decades, the subject of intermedia has leant itself to
countless studies. Still, the ongoing and accelerating development and
global convergence of technologies call for perpetual re-assessment. Our
workshop invites contributors to join in an attempt to trace new
developments in a realm of fluctuating and competing discourses. The issues
discussed can be exemplified as follows: What is so techno about techno, and
how can Jazz be noir? What are the fictional and narrative strategies of
computer games? What is so Hindu about the virtual avatar? In how far is
Bret Easton Ellis cinematic, and how punk is Kathy Acker?

In general: How do fiction, film, music, internet, plastic, performative,
and fine arts negotiate their shapes, formats, and contents? How does their
interaction shape their techniques of representation, strategies of
communication, and forms of reception? What is the role of technology in the
assimilation or authenticity of cultures? The contributors are encouraged to
address the local implications of global change.

A central aspect will be the hybridity of various forms of representation,
genres, and formats. Since the majority of the essays will somehow have to
deal with the (impossibility of the) description of their medial object of
research, an additional CD-ROM (with links, examples, and - maybe - short
film/music/etc. clips) would be a highly welcomed ,supplement' to this

We are currently looking for contributions for this volume - a
European/American publisher has already expressed interest in the project.
Abstracts and/or finished papers can be sent any time - papers should be
ready by Dec 15, 2004.

Contributors should mail their suggestions (as Word-Attachments) to:

Bernd Herzogenrath
English Department/American Studies
University of Cologne
Albertus-Magnus Platz
50923 Cologne

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