CFP: Faith, Violence, and Performance (10/15/04; journal issue)

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Roark, Carolyn D.
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Baylor Journal of Theatre and Performance

Call for Papers

The Baylor Journal of Theatre and Performance invites submissions for
the upcoming spring issue (January 2005) on the topic of Faith,
Violence, and Performance. The definition of violence may be broadly
conceived as violation of the physical body, emotional or verbal
transgression, or other use of force or aggression. Notions of piety
become complicated by the will to power or domination displayed by both
individuals and collectives. In light of recent events on the world
stage, this moment is ripe to foster discussion on the interplay between
spiritual/religious belief and violent action both on stage and in
socio-political events with performative dimensions. The topic has
wide-ranging possibilities, including:

* The depiction of war on stage and performative aspects of
military conflict, especially those where religious belief or identity
is formulated as a primary consideration in the struggle. This includes
9-11, the war in Iraq, acts of terrorism, and the ongoing "War on

* Resonant aspects of theatre history-such as Medieval mystery
plays & representations of martyrs, the Crusades, the Spanish
Inquisition, the Conquest of the New World, depictions of conflict
between cultural and religious groups-Jewish/Christian/Muslim, and
between different nations-Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the

* Ethnographic study of performative social events that use
violent depictions or actions in the name of religious piety or

* Ritual or actual acts of violence as part of religious
celebration or festival-animal or human sacrifice, self-mortification,
destruction of effigies.

* Relationships between religious sentiment/fervor and
political/social patriotism, and actions of social control such as
execution of the infidel or heretic, witchcraft trials, or persecution
and expulsion of religious outsiders.

* The liturgy of the church (eucharist, baptism, etc.) and the
violence implicit therein, and in various rites of passage, devotion, or

* Theatrical depictions of the ways in which technology undergirds
violence-to the earth, to other humans.

The editorial staff is pleased to consider submissions inspired by these
and other themes. We are looking for feature articles, editorials, book
and performance reviews, and interviews. For full consideration, all
submissions must be received by October 15, 2004. ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS
ONLY will be considered. For more information, including guidelines for
submission, please visit our website at:, or contact
editor Carolyn D. Roark at:

Carolyn D. Roark, PhD

Editor, Baylor Journal of Theatre and Performance

Dept. of Theatre Arts

One Bear Place, Box 97262

Waco, Tx 76798-7262


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