CFP: Nature and Love (12/1/04; e-journal issue)

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Linda Edwards
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The online journal Invisible Culture is seeking
papers for an upcoming issue on the theme of nature loving.=20

The issue will emphasize the relations between nature and love. Awash in =
culture of Disney animation, weather porn, interspecies family albums =
eco-tourism, we ask: How is nature produced and consumed with love? How =
nature used to produce and consume love? What does it mean to be =
with nature? Under what conditions and by what means it is possible,
desirable or obligatory to get close to natural worlds? And what happens
when we do?=20

Following Raymond Williams premise that the idea of nature
contains an extraordinary amount of human history, the issue will =
nature's multiple meanings and uses in modernity. Nature, here, is
understood as a collection of artifacts jointly constructed through
cultural values, organic life and visual practices.=20

Topics for papers might include: Nature, sexuality and gender; Nature =
nationalism; Nature photography, film and television; Nature display and
aesthetics; Nature and discipline; Wild, urban and domestic natures;
Representation in the life sciences; Environmentalisms; =
Particular species and their representation.=20

The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2004. Papers should be 2500
to 6000 words in length. Please email inquiries to Peter Hobbs
( or Lisa Uddin (
Submissions can be made electronically in Microsoft Word as an =
to either address, or as hard copies to: Invisible Culture, Attn: Peter
Hobbs and Lisa Uddin, 424 Morey Hall, University of Rochester, Rochester
NY, 14627.=20

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