UPDATE: Religious Narratives in Word and Image (12/1/04; journal issue)

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INTERFACES, a bilingual French/English journal (Université Paris 7 / College of the Holy Cross), invites essays for a series of issues focusing upon the representational role of narrative in religious traditions. The journal's plural title announces its particular commitment to scholarship that explores interdisciplinary interfaces between word and image. Hence proposals should address themselves to visual as well as verbal representations. (In the case of narratives involving aniconic elements, the aniconic itself should be addressed.) The issues will be concerned especially with narrative's irreducible functions and with the need within traditions for certain basic narratives to be re-told. Essays may focus upon narratives from any major religious tradition; those that foster dialogue between traditions-for example, by taking up tales common to more than one-are especially welcome.

Manuscripts should normally not exceed 15 pages of the journal (about 30,000 signs and spaces) and be sent to Frédéric Ogée, U. F. R. d'Etudes Anglophones, Université Paris 7, Denis Diderot, 10 rue Charles V, 75004 Paris, France; and to James M. Kee or Maurice Géracht, Department of English, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA, 01610, USA. For more information see http://college.holycross.edu/interfaces/papers.html. The revised deadline is Dec. 1, 2004.

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