CFP: Beckett and Psycholinguistics (12/1/04; 2/9/06-2/11/06)

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Liz Barry
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Beckett and Psycholinguistics


Panel at the 'BECKETT AT 100: NEW PERSPECTIVES' conference

Florida State University, February 9-11, 2006


In recent years, there has been a huge growth in the application to literary studies of cognitive science, psycholinguistics and neuroscience. This panel wants to explore the potential uses of these forms of investigation for Beckett studies. Beckett's attention to language, interest in psychology, and exploration of the significance of abnormal linguistic usage in his prose and his theatre suggest many fruitful lines of enquiry in this respect. There has also been little consideration in Beckett studies of the productive convergence between psychoanalysis and linguistics beyond the work of Jacques Lacan. Panellists might consider applications to Beckett's work of the thought of figures such as Roman Jakobson, Emile Benveniste, Guy Rosolato, and even Julia Kristeva in this respect. Beckett's persistent interest in psychology and technology might also be thought through Friedrich Kittler's exploration of the relationship between neuropsychological models and modernist writing
 technologies. Papers might address the following areas or topics in relation to Beckett's work:


· psychological readings of grammatical voice and/or person

· aphasia

· cognitive metaphor

· metaphor, metonymy and psychoanalysis

· narrative and cognition

· language and consciousness

· pathological uses of language

· semiotic language

· writing and recording technologies



Please send one-page abstracts (preferably by email attachment) to:


Dr Elizabeth Barry

Dept. of English

University of Warwick

Coventry, CV4 7AL



Dr Laura Salisbury

School of English and Humanities

Birkbeck College

Malet St

London, WC1E 7HX



Deadline: 1st December 2004

Dr Liz Barry

Dept. of English
University of Warwick
direct line: 02476 523343
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