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Elisabeth Rose Gruner
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Literary Mama, an online literary magazine, seeks writing for a new
section, Literary Reflections, featuring writing by mother writers, both
professional and amateur, focused on the creative process. We're looking
for first-person reflections with an intellectual as well as personal
focus. Potential topics include:

Writing as a mother:

=95 the relationship between becoming a mother and becoming a writer

=95 the influence of motherhood on your craft

=95 the influence of writing on your mothering

=95 the outlets for mother writers, from the private (journals,
diaries) to the public (books and magazines) and those that attempt to
bridge the gap (weblogs).

=95 the development and influence of communities of mother writers
(on-line and real time)

=95 balancing your writing life as a partner to someone who may or may
not be a writer

Reading as a mother:

=95 the reading that inspires and motivates your writing process

=95 returning to familiar childhood literature as you read to your child

=95 introducing your child to reading and writing

=95 giving feedback to and editing the work of other mother-writers

Working as a Professional: Teaching, Editing, Publishing, Archiving,

Marketing Mother-Writing

=95 developing a career as a professional mother-writer, from sending
out queries, negotiating with publishers, promoting the work, doing
signings and giving readings or being a professional editor or publisher
of mother-writer literature

=95 working as a professional editor or publisher of mother-writer

=95 as a teacher of literature and/or writing, your experiences with
words and literature in the classroom and within the
school/college/university environment

What we are not looking for:

=95 Reviews of literary works, whether fiction, poetry, cultural
commentary or memoir. Literary Reflections welcomes reviews of "how
to" books on the writing process, by and/or focused on mother writers.

Please submit

of literary works to our Reviews section.

=95 Interviews with or profiles of writers, which we publish in our
Profiles section.

Please send submissions of 750-5000 words to
in the text of an email and/or

attached Word document, along with a brief cover letter. We respond in
4-6 weeks.

The Literary Criticism Collection

We seek reprints of scholarly articles about literature whose main
theme is motherhood and written by mothers. These articles can address
motherhood/mothering/mothers as subject matter, theme or image. We
hope to gather materials to make it easier for teachers and scholars
of mother writing to do their work.

Editors: Libby Gruner and Caroline Grant

Elisabeth Rose Gruner

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