CFP: Mimetic Theory and the Imitation of the Divine (Germany) (12/15/04; 7/6/04-7/10/04)

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Astell, Ann
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An International Meeting of the Colloquium on Violence and Religion =

July 6-10, 2005

Koblenz, Germany






"God and Satan are the two supreme models, 'arch models,'" writes Ren=E9 =
Girard in I See Satan Fall like Lightning (2001). The mimetic theory of =
Girard has found rich testing grounds in a diversity of fields: =
literary and film criticism, anthropology, philosophy, theology, =
biblical exegesis, psychology, economics, conflict resolution, and =
political science. Often characterized as a theory of violence and its =
origins, mimetic theory has in fact a broader scope with enormous =
significance for pedagogy through the use of models, spiritual =
formation, idealizing psychology, the sublimation of desire, the cultic =
and artistic representation of the divine and the demonic, idolatry and =
anti-idolatry, symbolic expression and ritual exchange, theological =
notions of divinization and of the Imago Dei, and the study of the =
religious "ways" of saintly discipleship traditionally known as the =
Imitatio Dei or the Imitatio Christi.=20

            The Colloquium of Violence and Religion seeks to further its =
exploration of this multi-faceted theme by welcoming proposals for =
papers for its 2005 meeting, to be held in Germany's beautiful Rhine =
Valley. Featured speakers will include distinguished professors =
Jean-Luc Marion (Divinity School, The University of Chicago) and =
Margaret R. Miles (Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley), as well as two =
leading experts on the religious dimensions of the Palestinian-Israeli =
conflict, Professors Eliezer Don-Yehiya (Hebrew University) and Mumtaz =
Ahmad (Hampton University).=20

            Possible topics for papers and sessions include (in addition =
to those mentioned above): secular and religious art forms (including =
literature, film, icons, ritual) as images/imitations of the divine; =
asceticism; demonic cults; secular appropriations of the sacred in =
popular culture; the life and thought of individual saints and =
theologians; spiritual classics; topics in spiritual formation and =

            The meeting is hosted by the Sch=F6nstatt Sisters of Mary, =
in collaboration with the theological faculty at the University of =
Innsbruck, Austria. =20

            Submit abstracts for papers and proposals for sessions to =
Ann W. Astell by e-mail (, by FAX (765-494-3780) or by =


Ann W. Astell

Department of English

Purdue University

500 Oval Drive

West Lafayette, IN 47907




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