CFP: remember AIDS?: Recent Silences in Discourse about HIV and AIDS (6/17/05; collection)

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remember AIDS?

Attitudes towards HIV and AIDS have changed
drastically since 1996 with the advent of protease
inhibitors and other life-sustaining treatments. For
many, these "wonder drugs" have connoted a cure for
the disease. Since these treatments have been
developed, world cultures have largely operated under
a "post-AIDS" ideology, with representations of the
disease occurring with far less frequency and
substance than in previous years. Meanwhile, large
segments of the population continue to contract HIV,
and AIDS-infected individuals continue to die.
Prevention, education and treatment efforts have
fallen significantly off of the cultural radar since
1996, though there has arguably never been a
comprehensive cultural response to the pandemic.
This collection of essays, tentatively titled
_remember AIDS?_, will explore how activists,
academicians, policy makers, and persons living with
HIV and AIDS address recent silences in the discourse.
 Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

*Representation of AIDS in cultural media, e.g.,
literature, film, theatre, and music
*Intersections of AIDS and class, gender, race,
ethnicity, and sexual orientation
*Epistemological and phenomenological considerations
of navigating "post-AIDS" cultures
*AIDS in the 21st century
*(Corpo)reality and ontology of AIDS
*Performativity and AIDS
*AIDS as terror
*Locating AIDS on the cultural landscape
*The apocalypse of AIDS then, the apocalypse of
silence now

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Deadline for receipt of submissions is June 17, 2005.

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