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Dear Colleagues:

 This is the second call for contributions to the Hispanic American Literature Volume in
 *The Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Literature.*
The first half of the manuscript is complete.

 Contributors are sought to write entries on Hispanic American Literature for the
 *Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Literature,* a 3-volume set, to be published by Facts On
 File. Facts on File is a New York publisher of reference books for high school and college
 students (

Medium entries range from 600 to 900 words; long entries range from 1000-2000 words. Each contributor may write one or several entries.

 If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact me *by email.* Facts on File can offer no monetary compensation; however, contributors will have a byline (name and affiliation) attached to their entries.

 Please send an informal and concise proposal by 12/1/2004 to me, Luz Elena Ramirez, at
This proposal should explain:
 1) your interest in the author/topic and your qualifications to write the entry/entries. (about
 100 words)
 2) an abbreviated vita typed within the email (education, publications, conferences: 1 page)
 3) contact information (affiliation, daytime phone number, fax, e-mail and address).
 No attachments please.

 Please note that entries will consist of biographical overviews as well as analyses of
 individual works. If you choose an author, then please be aware that other contributors
 may write about specific works.

 Once proposals are received and approved, I will send out assignments, sample entries,
 guidelines, and memos of understanding.

 Deadline for entries: February 15, 2005. Preference will be given to those who can send in
 their entries early, before the deadline.

The List (if you don't see an author on here, it has probably been assigned already)
M= 600-900 words L=1000-2000 words
Names that appear without a text refer to biographical entries

Castaneda, Omar (Remembering to Say Mouth or Face) M
Bencastro, Mario (A Shot in the Cathedral) M
Bencastro, Mario (Odyssey to the North) M
Bencastro, Mario (The Tree of Life: stories of Civil

War) M
Gilb, Dagoberto L
Soto, Gary L
Balmaseda, Liz and Pedro Jose Greer (Waking Up in

America; memoir) L
Cabeza de Vaca (Relacion/The Account)L
Candelaria, Nash L
Castro, Fidel "History will absolve Me" M
Cervantes, Lorna Dee M
Chavez, Angelico (Fray) M
Costanso, Miguel (Conquest of California 1770) M
de Casteneda, Pedro (Coronado Expediton 1540) M
de Escobar, Francisco (The Account) M
de Escobedo, Alonso Gregorio (La Florida) M
Delgado, Juan L
Galarza, Ernesto L
Gonzales, Rodolfo "I am Joaquin" L
Hispanic American Journalism M
Literature of the Border L
Novoa, Juan Bruce L
Paredes, Americo L
Paredes, Americo (With a Pistol in His Hand) L
Rebolledo, Tey and Maria Teresa Marquez (Women's

Tales from the NM WPA) L
Rodriguez Jr., Abraham M
Stavans, Ilan (The Hispanic Condition) L
The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez (Anonymous)L
Valdez, Luis L
Accounts of the Alamo L
Acuna, Rodolfo (Anything but Mexican: Chicanos in

Contemporary Los Angeles) M
Acuna, Rodolfo (Occupied: A History of Chicanos)M
Agosin, Marjorie (A Cross and a Star; memoir) M
Agosin, Marjorie (Always from Somewhere Else ) M
Ambert, Alba (A Perfect Silence) M
Arias, Ron (bio) M
Avendano, Fausto (Ballad of California) M
Benitez, Sandra M
Cabeza de Baca Gilbert, Fabiola (We Fed Them Cactus)

Cabeza de Baca, Manuel (Vicente Silva and His 40

Bandits) M
Candelaria, Nash (Inheritance of Strangers) M
Candelaria, Nash (Not by the Sword) M
Chambers, Veronica M
de Aragon, Uva (also Uva Clavijo) M
El Amigo de Hombres (pseudonym) On Behalf of

Mankind: To All the Inhabitants of the Islands and

the Vast Continent of Spanish America M
Elizondo, Virgilio (The Future Is Mestizo: Life

Where Cultures Meet) M
Engle, Margarita M
Espaillat, Rhina (Lapsing to Grace) M
Fernandez, Roberto (Raining Backwards) M
Galarza, Ernesto (Barrio Boy) M
Gonzalez de Mireles, Jovita M
Hinojosa Smith, Rolando (Dear Rafe)M
Hinojosa Smith, Rolando (Partners in Crime) M
Hinojosa Smith, Rolando (Useless Servants) M
Jaramillo, Cleofas M
Lamazares, Ivonne M
Limon, Graciela (The Day of the Moon) M
Limon, Graciela (The Memories of Ana Calderon) M
Martinez, Elizabeth M
Medina, Tony M
Munoz Ryan, Pam (Esperanza Rising) M
Munoz, Elias Miguel M
Norte, Marisela M
Obejas, Achy M
Otero, Manuel Antonio M
Perez, Luis (El Coyote/The Rebel) M
Perez, Ramon "Tianguis" (Diary of a Guerrilla) M
Perez, Ramon "Tianguis" (Diary of an Undocumented

Immigrant) M
Quinonez, Ernesto (Bodega Dreams)M
Rechy, John (The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez) M
Rodriguez, Jr. Abraham (Boy without a Flag;) M
Rodriguez, Luis M
Rojas, Arnold M
Sequin, Juan Nepomuceno (Personal Memoirs of John N.

Seguin 1834-1842) M
Soto, Pedro Juan (Spiks)M
Ulibarri, Sabine M
Urrea, Luis (Across the Wire:Life and Hard Times on

the Mexican Border) M
Urrea, Luis (The Devil's Highway: A True Story) M
Valenzuela, Luisa M
Vea, Alfredo M
Veiga, Marisella M
Velasquez, Loreta Janeta (Woman in Battle) M
Literary Currents from Latin America M

Thank you!
Luz Elena

**** **** **** **** ****
Luz Elena Ramirez, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English
California State University, San Bernardino

Editor, Hispanic American Literature Volume
Facts on File, Encyclopedia of American Ethnic

Literature (forthcoming)

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