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      Call for Papers: 'bad' - edited by Kylie Cardell & Jason Emmett

"For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so"
  (Hamlet, Act 2 Sc. II)

What is a bad idea? The 2004 work-in-progress conference at the University
of Queensland took "Bad ideas?" as its guiding theme in order to show up
the underlying ideological tensions that inform postgraduate research. What
is a bad idea when the provocative, the controversial and the unusual are
what guarantee scholars attention in our disposable pop-culture scandal-
hungry world? The work of any researcher in the ever-broadening field of
that increasingly nebulous thing, the humanities, is to think about
received ideas in surprising and unfamiliar ways, to challenge what is
simply thought of as bad or good, to complicate essentialist categories and
to question received thinking. Things that may have seemed insolubly bad
may in fact be revealed as good precisely because they are dissolute,
troubling and inevitably disruptive to accepted norms, including your own.
The reverse is also true.

This issue, arising out of the energy and impetus of a postgraduate
conference, asks for contributions that unravel the complexity of moral
inflections in research in general. What kinds of research have been
prevented or burdened by the value of their moral complexion and what kinds

Should we judge the value of ideas, new discoveries and inventions on their
possible moral outcomes? Can an idea ever simply be bad or good?

The 'bad' issue of M/C Journal will discuss these and other themes. Send us
good work about bad ideas in the form of a 1000-1500 word article to

M/C Journal 'bad' editors
Kylie Cardell & Jason Emmett

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Article deadline: 17 December 2004
Issue release date: 19 January 2004

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