UPDATE: Pics and Bits: Word and Image in Art Forms and Communication Media (12/5/04; e-journal)

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Kirsten C. Uszkalo
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We have received numerous inquiries on the submission of visual =
representations of text. As such, nasty would like to extend the CFP to =
include representation of text in image, image and text, and textual =
studies of art forms apart from comics and graphic novels.

Here is the original CFP=20

Call for Papers

Issue #15: Pics and Bits

In the Humanities, we long ago redefined the concept of "text" to
include architecture, clothing, furniture, and any other material
object, artistic or otherwise, that can be a vessel for narrative. It is

possible, in fact, that the printed word as we know it is merely a blip
in the history of human communication.

The changing definition of "text" forces us to ask certain, possibly
worrying, questions: How has living in the relatively recent era of the
printed word changed us culturally? How are we adapting to the shift
(back?) to pictorial communication? Are so-called hybrid art
forms--film, hypertext, web design, GUI, comics--a symptom of our
position between the worlds of text and image?

nasty invites submissions on the subject of art forms and communication
media that marry the word and the image, or place the two in tension=20
with each other. nasty will accept conference-length papers on comics, =
and graphic novels, both mainstream and underground; cybertexts that
employ mixed media, such as hypertext, cyber novels, etc.; and
traditional mixed-media art forms such as film and performance art.

We will also accept short fiction and poetry on the general subject of
the relationship between text and image.

Deadline for abstracts or paper proposals is December 5th, 2004.

For more information about nasty, see <http://nasty.cx/nasty/>, and for
more information about our submission guidelines, see

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