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Bad Subjects
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Jesusland: An Issue (#72)

After the elections, comes the New Morality? That's the aim of the right-wing evangelicals who helped bring the Republican Party to power in the 2004 US elections. Beyond creating a third Bush administration, economic and religious conservatives now hold power in two branches of the federal government, control appointments to the judiciary, and dominate numerous state and local governments.

The overwhelming success of so-called "pro-marriage" amendments are just one aim in a revolutionary platform of social repression and political regression. The "moral values" promoted by the denizens of Jesusland aim at transforming every aspect of American society: from politics to culture, both in the United States and around the world.

In "Jesusland: An Issue", Bad Subjects re-visits the politics and cultures of religious fundamentalists in America. We're looking for a range of perspectives in articles that explore the impact of religious fundamentalism on areas such as citzenship, marriage, political activism, multiculturalism, sexuality, imperialism and militarism.

Issue editors are Elisabeth Hurst (, Joe Lockard (, and Joel Schalit (

Submission deadline: January 1, 2005. For submission guidelines, see

Bad Subjects is a cultural studies journal dedicated to accessible analysis of "the politics of everyday life." It was established in 1992 at University of California - Berkeley, currently has over 5000 online readers daily, and functions in collaboration with the English Server (Iowa State University).


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