UPDATE: The Future of Fiction: The Future of Feminism (9/1/05; journal issue)

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Call for Papers


The Journal of Gender Studies intends to publish a Special Issue entitled


The Future of Fiction: The Future of Feminism


In recent years fictional and narrative forms have had an impact across the
disciplines. They have moved out of their traditional homes in literature
and psychoanalysis and into cultural studies, media studies, the social
sciences and history. In so doing, new aesthetic practices have evolved, the
potential of fiction has been explored through new technologies and the
demarcations between disciplines have come under question. The Editors
welcome papers that address this explosion in fiction (in all its forms) and
that consider the political dimension of this development. What do these
changes mean for the future of feminism? What does feminism want from
fiction? What does fiction offer feminism? How can each speak to the other?
In exploring these questions, not only 'fiction' comes under scrutiny but
'feminism' too, its diverse forms and its relation to gender, race, class
and sexuality.


The Guest Editors for this Special Issue are Mary Eagleton and Susan


All papers should be submitted by 01 September 2005. Papers accepted will be
published in Volume 15:2 of the Journal, July 2006.


Papers should be between 5000 and 7000 words and should follow the
guidelines set out in the 'Notes for Contributors'. Detailed copies of this
are available from the Journal office or on the website:


Submissions should be sent to:


The Editors

Journal of Gender Studies

Faculty of Art, Architecture & Design (Hull Campus)

University of Lincoln

Queen's Garden's





jgs_at_lincoln.ac.uk <mailto:jgs_at_lincoln.ac.uk>

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