CFP: Consciousness, Self-Consciousness and Cultural Identity (India) (5/25/05; 7/27/06-7/30/06)

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Jaroslaw Pluciennik
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Call for Paper
Consciousness, Self-Consciousness and
Cultural Identity

       The Society for Indian Philosophy & Religion will
hold an International Interdisciplinary Conference in
Calcutta July 27-30, 2006. The Conference theme is
"Consciousness, Self-Consciousness and Cultural Identity".

         The theme can be addressed critically, reflectively
and creatively by the philosophical, religious and
scientific traditions of the World's great civilizations.
The program will include plenary addresses, volunteered
papers, invited papers and panel discussions. Registered
participants who are members of professional associations or
societies are encouraged to submit proposals for holding
meetings in the conference on behalf of their associations
or societies. The organizers are committed to upholding the
highest academic standards with emphasis on the exchange of
ideas and dialogues among thinkers drawn from a wide range
of the world's cultural traditions and movements.

         Possible topics include: Self-Consciousness and
Personal Identity, Qualitative Aspects of Consciousness,
Phenomenology of Consciousness, Theories of Action and
Agency, Time Consciousness and Memory, Self-Consciousness
and Language, Consciousness, Knowledge and Reality, Social
and Political Dimensions of Consciousness, Ethics, Alterity
and the Phenomenology of Obligation, Technology and
Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, Consciousness of
Self and Other; Imagination, Dreaming and Altered States of
Consciousness, Consciousness and Cognition,
Physicalist/Reductive vs. Non-Physical/Non-Reductive
Accounts of Consciousness, Atomistic and Holistic Aspects of
Consciousness, Race, Gender and Ethnicity, Post-modern
Selfhood, Relativism and Absolutism , Cultural Relativism,
Culture and Meaning, Singularity of Culture, Tradition and
Modernity, Culture: Descriptive and Normative Approach,
Values, Customs and Culture, Culture and Hermeneutics, Text
and Interpretation, Globalization of Culture, Sociology of
Knowledge, etc. This list is illustrative and not exhaustive.

         The Program Board comprises: Elysabeth Agnew (USA),
David Blanks (Egypt),Victoria Harrison-Carter (U.K), George
Berry (Australia), Elysabeth Koldzak (Poland), Richard
Libendorfer (USA), Craig Matarrese(USA), Devasish Mukherjee
(India), Nityananda Saha (India), Joel Wilcox(USA).

         Registration: The advance registration fee for the
conference is $100 and on site registration fee is $140.
Conference events are currently expected to include a
reception and an evening cultural program.

         We welcome your participation and suggestion. The
deadline for submission of abstracts is May 25, 2005. The
advance registration fee of $100 (due by October 31, 2005)
should be paid by check drawn in favor of the Society for
Indian Philosophy and Religion mailed to the Secretary,
Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion , 1210 Jamestowne
Drive, Elon, North Carolina 27244, USA.

         If you would like to contribute a paper to this
event please send an abstract of about 150 words to:

                 Dr. Chandana Chakrabarti
                 Society for Indian Philosophy & Religion
                 Phone: (336) 524-9349

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