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National Women's Studies Association Journal (NWSA Journal)
Special Issue on Aging, Ageism, and Old Age, Spring 2006

Feminist theorists of old age, such as Baba Copper, Barbara Macdonald,
Cynthia Rich, and Margaret Cruikshank, have charged that women's studies
and the feminist movement have, in large part, ignored the issue of aging.
In a field in which so many other aspects of body-based identity are
recognized, debated, de- and re-constructed, and challenged, the subject of
old age remains relatively unexamined and untheorized - nearly taboo.

Editors are looking for papers that address a range of questions, including
(but not limited to), the following. What is stopping women's studies
scholars from realizing age as another category of Othering? How can
scholars address this topic in their writing? How might intergenerational
dialogues reduce ageism? What are useful ways of bringing issues of aging
into the classroom? Old, older, aging, aged, chronologically gifted,
mature, ripened, advanced, senior, gray, golden, retiree, elder, wise one,
fogy, crone, geezer: how does our vocabulary interact with and inform our
constructions of aging identity? How do constructions of old age affect
politics and public policy? Does age interact with gender and sex? How do
social constructions of age differ from scientific ones? How much does old
age have in common with other identity categories, and how is it different?
How does age intersect with other embodied or social categories? NWSA
Journal welcomes feminist analyses and theorizations of visual,
sociological, philosophical, linguistic, scientific, historical, economic,
psychological, biological, activist, literary, and other representations of
old age.

Journal information and submission guidelines available at
www.nwsaj.engl.iastate.edu. Send completed articles by January 15, 2005, to
Leni Marshall via email (mars0264_at_umn.edu) or surface mail (Department of
English, University of Minnesota, 207 Lind Hall, 207 Church Street SE,
Minneapolis, MN 55455).

Leni Marshall
Department of English
University of Minnesota
207 Lind Hall, 207 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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