CFP: Performing Japan: Contemporary Expressions of Cultural Identity (1/15/05; collection)

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H Johnson

Performing Japan: Contemporary Expressions of Cultural Identity
Edited By Jerry C. Jaffe & Henry Johnson
University of Otago
New Zealand
The editors of this proposed volume are now seeking
interdisciplinary/theoretical and ethnographic papers for a collection of
essays addressing contemporary Japanese cultural practices. The unifying
theme of the essays is to examine different performance modes within Japan.
This will include essays of 4000 to 8000 words on Theatre, Music and Dance,
and also performance in the broadest sense as suggested by the field of
Performance Studies. Additional topics might include:
Tokyo Disneyland
Love Hotels, Hostess clubs, "soaplands" (or other sex tourism)
The teaching/learning/study of English
Shopping or gift-giving
Japanese etiquette
Sumo/baseball/wrestling (sports)
Art galleries
The games of Go or Shogi
Museums and exhibitions
Japanese language/grammar
Architecture or urban planning
Commuting or subways
Consumer society/culture
Belief systems
Japanese Tea ceremony
The Kimono
We welcome suggestions or ideas from potential contributors. Please send
submissions for consideration as well as a copy of your CV to:
Dr Jerry C. Jaffe
Theatre Studies
University of Otago
PO Box 56
New Zealand
Email submissions/enquiries are welcome at:
Time line:
Paper submissions by: September 15, 2005
Contributors decided by: October 28, 2005
(The editors will be aiming to secure a publication contract for 2006.)

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