CFP: Fictional Representations of the Creative Process in British and American 19th-C. Lit. (no deadline; collection)

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I am seeking chapter submissions for my upcoming collection of essays,
Interior Designs: Fictional Representations of the Creative Process in=20
British and American Nineteenth-century Literature
What is the nature of poetic creation? An orderly methodization of unruly=20
nature? Or the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling? The metaphorical sh=
from =E2=80=9Cmirror=E2=80=9D to =E2=80=9Clamp=E2=80=9D at the close of the=20=
eighteenth century produced a=20
number of nineteenth-century fictional analyses of how an artist is produced=
destroyed (e.g. David Copperfield, Jude the Obscure) as well as re-views of=20
the highs and lows of the creative process ( e.g. writer=E2=80=99s block in=20=
The Scarlet=20
Letter, or the lack of female role models in Aurora Leigh).
Interior Designs will explore the ways in which authors use fiction to=20
simultaneously raise and answer questions about their craft. Submissions sho=
uld be=20
10-20 pages in length, jargon free, and follow current MLA style guidelines.=
Research in any area of the topic is encouraged. Submissions should contain=20
contain a short abstract of 150-250 words, a one-page page curriculum vitae,=
contact information.
No deadline, but since I have a publisher lined up, I=E2=80=99d like submiss=
ions as=20
soon as possible. Send them to
Darby Lewes,=20
Department of English,=20
Lycoming College
Williamsport, PA 17701

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