CFP: Asian and Black Writing in Britain, 1800-1930 (3/15/05; collection)

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 CFP: Asian and Black Writing in Britain, 1800-1930 (3/15/05; collection)

 Colonial Cosmopolitanism: Asian and Black Writing in Britain, 1800-1930

 Essays are invited for an edited collection entitled Colonial
 Cosmopolitanism: Asian and Black Writing in Britain, 1800-1930.
 Following the publication of Peter Fryer's Staying Power: A History of
 Black People in Britain, Antoinette Burton's At the Heart of the Empire,
 Sukhdev Sandhu's London Calling: How Black and Asian Writers Imagined a
 City, C.L. Innes' A History of Black and Asian Writing in Britain,
 1700-2000, Gretchen Gerzina's Black London: Life Before Emancipation,
 and Rozina Visram's Asians in Britain: 400 Years of History, scholars
 are excavating the forgotten presence of slaves, émigrés, travelers,
 servants, students, royalty and reformers who arrived in imperial
 Britain from the colonies. This collection will consider the literary
 concequences of this critical mass of colonial Others in Britain: how do
 colonized subjects articulate their presence in England in literary
 ways? What kind of narratives do they produce about England? How do
 these writers alter traditional literary categories such as Romanticism,
 travel narratives, autobiography, the realist novel, and early
 modernism? How does our understanding of these canonical genres and
 periods change with the inclusion of Asian and Black writings? How does
 the rehabilitation of these texts allow for the construction of a
 pre-history of post-colonial literature in general and Black British
 literature in particular? We are especially interested in essays that
 engage in archival recovery of literary texts.

 Please email abstracts(250 to 400 words) by March 15, 2005 to:

 Jocelyn Stitt
 Pallavi Rastogi

Inquiries are welcome.

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