CFP: English Language Notes: Literary History and the Religious Turn (10/15/05; journal issue)

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Bruce Holsinger

The New ELN Announces Its Inaugural Issue:


"Literary History and the Religious Turn"


A respected forum since 1962 for peer-reviewed work in English literary
studies, ELN (English Language Notes) is currently undergoing a change in
editorship and an extensive makeover as a semiannual journal devoted
exclusively to special topics in all fields of literary and cultural
studies. The new ELN is particularly determined to revive and reenergize
its traditional commitment to featuring shorter "notes," often no more than
3-4 pages in print, an attribute of the journal that will provide a unique
forum for cutting-edge scholarly debate and exchange in the humanities. The
inaugural volume of the new ELN (44.1, March 2006) will take on the
so-called Religious Turn in the study of literary history over the last
decade, from the preoccupation among medievalists with "vernacular theology"
to the fascination with the topoi of conversion in postcolonial studies.
Position papers, notes, essays, and provocations are invited on this subject
from scholars in all fields of literary study, and the editors would be
delighted to consider together two or more related contributions engaging
one another on particular themes to be published as topical clusters (for
example papers and responses presented at the MLA or other conferences,
provided they have been reformatted for publication). Please send
contributions and/or proposals to Special Issue Editor: "The Religious
Turn," English Language Notes, University of Colorado at Boulder, 226 UCB,
Boulder, CO 80309-0226. Deadline for final submissions is October 15, 2005.
Specific inquires regarding the inaugural volume may be directed to the
issue editor (

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