CFP: Kenneth Goldsmith and Conceptual Poetics (6/1/05; journal issue)

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CFP: Kenneth Goldsmith and Conceptual Poetics (6/1/05; journal issue)

Deadlines: 15 March 2005 for proposals; 1 June 2005 for finished essays

Guest Editors: Barbara Cole and Lori Emerson

 "In 1969, the conceptual artist Douglas Huebler wrote, 'The world is full
of objects, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more.' I've
come to embrace Huebler's ideas, though it might be retooled as, 'The world
is full of texts, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more.'
It seems an appropriate response to a new condition in writing today: faced
with an unprecedented amount of available text, the problem is not needing
to write more of it; instead, we must learn to negotiate the vast quantity
that exists. I've transformed from a writer into an information manager,
adept at the skills of replicating, organizing, mirroring, archiving,
hoarding, storing, reprinting, bootlegging, plundering, and transferring .
 . I've become a master typist, an exacting cut-and-paster, and an OCR
demon . . ."
-- Kenneth Goldsmith, "Being Boring"

Open Letter is seeking critical and creative submissions for a special
issue dedicated to "Kenneth Goldsmith and Conceptual Poetics." In
particular, we hope to address the ever-broadening scope of Goldsmith's
texts (inclusive but not exhaustive): 73 Poems; No.111 2.7.93-10.20.96;
Fidget; Soliloquy; Day; Head Citations; and The Weather. As Goldsmith's
conceptual poetics works to shift literary and artistic paradigms, we
invite essays which address non-textual activities as well as writing
practices. The editors are particularly interested in essays which
position Goldsmith beyond a US-specific context and/or which consider
Conceptual Poetics in relation to a Canadian context.

For more information on Open Letter please visit


* aesthetics / labor
* the body / gender / sexuality
* conceptual influences (i.e. Duchamp; Warhol; Cage; etc.)
* digital poetry
* editorial work (Warhol interviews; /ubu editions; etc.)
* feminist readings
* gendered readings
* hi-jinx, hijacking and hoaxes
* intellectual property
* Joycean influences
* Kootenay School of Writing influences
* L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E influences
* Marxist readings / materiality / mimesis
* New York School influences
* originality
* pedagogy of uncreativity / Pop influences / proceduralism
* queer readings
* Romanticist ideals of "originality" / reproducibility
* sound innovations (Penn Sound; sampling; etc.)
* Toronto Research Group
* voyeurism
* x
* y
* Zaum influences

The above list is merely suggestive; we welcome proposals on any issue that
is relevant to Kenneth Goldsmith and Conceptual Poetics.

Essays should not exceed 5000 words in length.


Please send inquiries or proposals to Barbara Cole ( and
Lori Emerson ( by 15 March 2005. Notifications of
acceptance will be made no later than 15 April 2005. Finished essays will
be appreciated by 1 June 2005.

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