CFP: War Stories: Gendered Analysis of Media Coverage (3/31/05; journal issue)

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Moorti, Sujata
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CFP: War Stories: Gendered Analysis of Media Coverage

Due: March 31, 2005
Length: 1,000 -1,500 words (4-6 pages typed, double-spaced)

Over several decades, wars have become a staple item on the news. Although
bloody, protracted conflicts are regularly waged around the world, the
military intervention of multiple allied forces in Afghanistan and Iraq has
dominated international news coverage in the West and domestic news in the
Middle East since (at least) the horrors of 9/11. Numerous scholars,
cultural critics and media workers have scrutinized coverage and highlighte=
the lacunae and partiality in reporting practices but in broad terms, a
gendered analysis of media coverage has been strikingly absent.
The Commentary and Criticism section of Feminist Media Studies is therefore
inviting brief essays (1,000-1,500 words) which examine media coverage of
war and conflict with a gender lens. Although we mention the specific
post-9/11 environment, for this special issue you can choose any conflict
site, contemporary or historical. We are seeking papers that examine how
women figure in war reporting, either as authors or objects of the news.
Essays could examine how violence against women figures in media stories or
how war is easily conflated with particular forms of masculinity or a
victimized femininity. Alternatively, you could focus on media coverage of
peace activists or the grassroots efforts of women=B9s organizations, such as
Women in Black, to form alliances with women across the globe. In short, w=
are seeking critical essays which examine any aspect of the media=B9s
relationship with war. We are interested in essays which focus on any genr=
or media, be it print, film, TV or blogs, media production, texts and
audience reception.
The essays will be part of a special issue of Feminist Media Studies on
=B3Media Gendering of War and Conflict=B2. All essays must offer a feminist
analysis of media processes. The stylebook for Feminist Media Studies is
available at:
Please email your essay by March 31, 2005, to both Karen Ross
( and Sujata Moorti ( Send
any questions or concerns to both of us. We look forward to receiving your
With all good wishes
Sujata Moorti and Karen Ross
Editors, Commentary and Criticism Section, Feminist Media Studies

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