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Karen Anijar
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CFP Public Resistance Journal=20

Public Resistance is an academic juried journal designed to confront and =
expose the lies of the right.
The editors of Public Resistance seek manuscripts that critically =
examine and expose the lies perpetuated in the larger neo-liberal and =
right wing assaults on democracy and the public sphere. Authors must =
demonstrate genuine academic rigor in addressing specific sets of lies =
and deceptions currently used to manufacture consent for increasingly =
draconian domestic policies and imperialistic foreign policies. We are =
soliciting submissions that are not simply based on opinion or =
conjecture. What is significant to changing public opinion and public =
policy is academically grounded and sound research.=20

Unlike federal funding agencies, we do not restrict research to =
"experimental design." On the contrary, we heartily encourage humanities =
based, arts based, narrative, ethnographic (including autoethnography), =
visual, cyborgian and other methodological approaches. Submissions are =
welcomed from across the academic disciplines, and we encourage the =
submission of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary works. We also =
solicit articles that can document this traumatic and critical juncture =
in both American and world history and culture. Therefore, submissions =
from teachers, students, citizen groups, and teacher educators are =

Please go to the public resistance website = for submission information=20

Thank you=20

Karen Anijar Associate Professor Arizona State University David Gabbard =
Professor East Carolina University Editors Public Resistance=20

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