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Bad Subjects: Iraq War Culture Review Essays

Second call for review essays of culture and public phenomena surrounding the Iraq War.

Bad Subjects is issuing an open call for review essays of 1500-3000 words dealing with the cultural landscape created by the Iraq War. We are interested in essays that examine cultural products (art, film/video, photography, writing, music, theater, dance, software) or public-sphere phenomena (protests, political events, media coverage, educational projects, public reports, law) that respond to the war and its social environment.

This review essay series is especially concerned to address issues created by the ideologies of the American Empire and 'democratic imperialism'; permanent military mobilization and domestic security watches; diminution of civil liberties and human rights; religious triumphalism and its relations with state violence; and the deepening of economic inequalities and poverty under global capitalism. How are such issues reflected in Iraq War culture and challenged through cultural critique? The editors will be interested equally in essays that review resistant cultural or political responses to Iraq War culture.

Review essays began appearing in late 2004. Essayists to date include Dana Heller; John Leanos; Tomasz Kitlinski; Matteo Pasquinelli; and others. See http://bad.eserver.org

This is currently an open-deadline call. Submit review essays as Word attachments to Joe.Lockard_at_asu.edu (English Department, Arizona State University).


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