CFP: Apostrophe: Literature, Art, Analysis, Criticism (ongoing; e-zine)

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A Call for Submissions

´ a·pos·tro·phe is published bimonthly at

´ a·pos·tro·phe is a not-for-proft e-zine seeking to provide a forum
for artists, writers, thinkers, commentators and other boundaryless
bourgeois bohemians.

´ a·pos·tro·phe is seeking contributions and submissions in:

      literature (e.g. poetry, short fiction, humor),
      art (e.g. photography, painting, drawing, graphic art),
      analysis (e.g. social, political, scientific essays and articles), and
      criticism (e.g. book, film, music reviews).

All submissions must be previously unpublished. Art submissions must
be in a digital format (jpg, gif and bmp images are preferred).
Written submissions must be in English. The preferred format of text
submissions is Microsoft Word. Files larger than 2MB must be zipped.
Files larger than 9MB when zipped will have to be mailed in a CD or a
zip disk. Please also submit a short biographical blurb that can be
published with your contributions.

Submissions for publication will be accepted and published on a
rolling basis every two months. We will not publish all submissions we
receive. We will only communicate with you if we wish to publish your
submissions or if we have questions or comments.

We are unable to remunerate contributors at the moment.

To contribute, please e-mail or write to:

      ´ a·pos·tro·phe
      4060 W Warwick Ave Apt 2
      Chicago IL 60641

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