CFP: Cannibalism and Eating the "Other": Stories of Human Cuisine (7/1/05; collection)

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Gary Allen
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Call For Contributors

Cannibalism and Eating the "Other": Stories of Human Cuisine

Deadline for submissions has been extended to July 1, 2005.

This mainstream book will feature a collection of stories, both
fiction and non-fiction, that explores the dangerous transgressive
desire to eat human flesh and how various cultures interpret this

What is it about this subject that, simultaneously, fascinates and repulses us?

Is cannibalism as universally condemned as is commonly assumed?

At what point does it become acceptable? In what contexts is
cannibalism a regular part of societies, past and present?

In what ways do we all feast on others in figurative ways?

Possible topics include:

Real cannibals in the world today or in the past;

Criminal cannibals like Dahmer;

Accidental cannibals (think plane crash in the Andes or the Donner party);

The willingly cannibalized (remember the guy in Germany not too long
ago who advertised for someone to come and be eaten?);

Transcendental forms of cannibalism, as in the Eucharist;

Sexual acts bordering on cannibalism;

Human blood and vampires;

Cooking with human substances (though Ken has a story on this one already);

and figurative or metaphorical types of cannibalism (cultural,
economic, or social).

There are, no doubt, many other topics we have missed -- feel free to
explore the subject in whatever way you find interesting. The editors
are especially interested in new approaches that food writers can
apply to the topic of cannibalism.

The stranger the better, real or imagined.

Food writers of all kinds are invited to contribute to this volume,
and entries should be either: specially written for this collection,
or previously unpublished in book form. You are encouraged to
approach the topic from your own unique perspective, bringing fresh
new insights to a practice that is at once reviled and alluring.

While you may have a strong background in a related academic field
(such as anthropology, history or psychology), please understand that
this book will be marketed to a popular audience.
Please, no theoretical disquisitions or footnotes -- we expect
intelligent, curious, non-specialist readers who will probably be
encountering these ideas for the first time.

Entries should be amusing, frightening, interesting, creepy,
thought-provoking and should make it hard for the reader to choose
between looking and looking away.

Submissions may be anywhere from a few pages to lengthy short stories.

Submit essays, stories, poetry or reproducible artwork (via e-mail,
either in the body of the message or as attached Microsoft Word
files) to both Ken Albala
<> and Gary Allen
<>, editors.

The deadline for submissions has been extended to July 1, 2005.
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