CFP: Women Writers of Color Writing the Prose Poem (4/15/05; book)

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Cassel, Adrienne

Out of Line: Women Writers of Color Writing the Prose Poem


Abstracts of critical papers are invited for a collection of essays titled Out of Line: Women Writers of Color Writing the Prose


Like many other scholars on the topic of the prose poem, Margueritte S. Murphy's A Tradition of Subversion: The Prose Poem in
English from Wilde to Ashbery traces the history of the prose poem as an indentifiable genre from France to America by beginning
with the French writer Baudelaire. From there she gives a bow to Beaudelaire's precursor, Bertrand, before considering the
significance of Rimbaud, Oscar Wilde, William Carlos Williams, and John Ashbery. Michel Delville's The American Prose Poem: Poetic
Form and the Boundaries of the Genre, Stephen Fredman's Poet's Prose: The crisis in American verse, and Steven Monte's Invisible
Fences: Prose Poetry as a Genre in French and American Literature all outline a similar history, and while they all offer a cursory
discussion of prose poems written by women, most mentioning only Gertrude Stein and a few others, none offer any discussion of how
poets of color have used the form. This collection of essays seeks to fill the void created by recent scholarship on the prose poem.


Possible topics include, but are not limited to:


Sonia Sanchez and the aesthetics of Prose Poetry
National/International/Global Politics and Prose Poems
Ecofeminism and Prose Poetry/ Environmentalism and Prose Poetry
Sexuality and the Prose Poem
Womanism and Prose Poetry
Racial/Ethnic Identity and Prose Poems

The Expatriate/ Diasporic and the Prose Poem

African Representations in the Prose Poems of African American Women

Black Sermons and the Prose Poetry of African-American Women

Sites of Origin: Women of Color and the Prose Poem

Spoken Word and Women of Color

Women Rapping Prose

Haryette Mullen's Word Play in the Prose Poem

Naomi Shihab Nye: the Body in the Prose Poem

The Creation of Space in June Jordan's Prose Poems


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