CFP: State and Culture in the English-Speaking World (5/1/05; e-journal)

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Alexandra Slaby

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State and Culture in the English-speaking world

This issue of LISA e-journal will focus on the relationship between
State and Culture in the English-speaking world. Culture is understood
in its wide anthropological sense including all forms of expression.
All cultural forms are thus considered-the arts, institutions and the
At the end of the 20th century, Western states seem to revise their
mode of intervention into culture. As the Welfare State era draws to
an end, the funding sources of culture need to be diversified. General
patterns of State intervention into culture identified by public
policy specialists in the 1980s and 1990s are no longer valid, for the
situations of the various geo-political areas can no longer be as
neatly distinguished from one another as in the past. Where State
intervention into culture was formerly practised in a direct,
dirigiste way, the State now passes on this prerogative to arm's
length bodies. In the English-speaking world on the other hand, the
opposite trend seems to be noticeable since the State intervenes in a
more direct way than in the past, taking over from the arm's length
bodies which were formerly the only cultural policy makers.
It will be interesting to confront the ways in which the various
countries in the English-speaking world have adapted to the current
evolutions concerning the governance of culture. The influence of the
changes taking place in Great-Britain onto the administration of
culture in its former colonies could be assessed. One could
consequently wonder whether there still is a style of cultural
administration characteristic of the English-speaking world and, if it
be the case, what its characteristics are. Have public policy scholars
in the English-speaking world predicting the end of cultural policy
been proven right? Or on the other hand, have relationships between
culture and politics never been so close?

Please send your proposals (one A4 page maximum) before May 1st, 2005,
to the following address:
Authors are requested to join a short bio-bibliography.
The deadline for submission of articles is September 1st, 2005. As
regards presentation norms, please follow the submission guidelines
which appear on the LISA e-journal website.

Alexandra Slaby

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