UPDATE: Rock and Roll and American Fiction (3/23/05; collection)

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John Wegner
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Due to unforeseen delays and too many meetings, we are extending the
deadline for the Rock and Roll and American fiction collection. We will
begin reviewing manuscripts March 21, 2005 and we will accept submissions
until March 23, 2005.

Call for papers:

Proposed Collection of Essays:

Rock-and-Roll and American Fiction

In the same vein as critical works that examine the influence/connections
between jazz/blues/classical music and literature, this collection seeks
essays that concern rock-and-roll and American fiction.

In particular, we are interested in essays that address the following:

1) Is there a shared form between rock and American fiction (short
fiction or novels)?

2) Are there thematic connections between rock and American fiction?

3) Is there a compositional connection? Obviously, poetry and music
are connected by lyrics, rhythm, meter, etc. Does the composition of short
fiction or the novel mirror the compositional qualities of rock and roll
(focus on story, narrative, narrator, etc.)

4) Is the connection historicized? (i.e., Is a writer who is
40ish-50ish bound to be influenced by rock and roll? Is a writer who is
30ish bound to be influenced by MTV and music videos?)

5) In what ways do rock and roll and literature cross (e.g.,
References in short fiction to rock-and-roll or vice versa; musicians who
write fiction and fiction writers who play music)? How is that
interdisciplinary movement reflected in the art produced? What effects
does it have on the art produced?

6) Are there particular writers whose work seems especially influenced
by rock?

Deadline for 500-1000 word abstracts: March 23, 2005.

Send abstracts to

John Wegner
#10894, ASU Station
English Dept.
Angelo State University
San Angelo, TX 76909-0894


Terry Dalrymple
#10894, ASU Station
English Dept.
Angelo State University
San Angelo, TX 76909-0894

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