CFP: Subject Matters: A Journal of Communications and the Self (ongoing; new journal)

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Paul Cobley
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Subject Matters: A Journal of Communications and the Self is a new,
refereed, bi-annual publication launched in 2004 by members of the
Communications and Subjectivity research group at London Metropolitan
University. It seeks to explore current thinking about subjectivity, to
cross disciplinary boundaries and to challenge critical orthodoxy in the
process. It is dedicated to debate on the nature of the subject and its
various characterisations, especially in modernity. The journal seeks to
go beyond the restrictions of poststructuralist/postmodernist paradigms
and to avoid the cliques and the clichés that poststructuralism has
naturalized. As such, it seeks to invite papers from researchers in
different disciplines, particularly where the relationships between
"communications" and "subjectivity" are seen to exceed the boundaries that
current critical predilections have set for them.

The editors are especially interested in contributions concerned with the
ways in which the concept of the subject as it has been defined in recent
years can be put into question and even decentred. Although the editors
hail mainly from Communications, Media and Cultural studies, the impetus
of the journal is to question the dominant discourse on the subject in the
Anglo-American paradigm of these disciplines. The spirit of auto-criticism
in this journal problematizes the enforcement by Communications, Media and
Cultural Studies of its own regime of knowledge and its own constructed
canon of authorised texts, in which there are gaps, silences and
marginalization of voices with important contributions to make to the
subjectivity debate.

Contributions which engage with the legacy of high theory but bring theory
into contact with everyday life will also be welcome. Papers which impinge
on communications and cultural theory but which are not necessarily
describable as emanating from that tradition -- from the sciences or
elsewhere in the humanities -- will be considered. Papers dealing with
historical formations of subjectivity will also be welcome if they
contribute to contemporary debates.

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Andrew Bowie UK
Anthony Cascardi USA
Simon Critchley UK AND USA
Drucilla Cornell USA
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