CFP: Self & Identity in Translation (grad) (UK) (6/12/05; 2/4/06-2/5/06)

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Self + Identity In Translation

Self & Identity IN TRANSLATION

POSTGRADUATE SYMPOSIUM at the University of East Anglia, School of
Literature & Creative Writing

4-5 February 2006 / Elizabeth Fry Building / UEA, Norwich, UK

A two-day postgraduate symposium at the University of East Anglia that
aims to explore the presences of subjectivity, identity and selfhood
in the translator's work and the translation event/text

Possible directions include:

§ auto/biographic presences in translation as personal expression or
§ creative writers turning to translation
§ problematic types of translation â€"e.g. self-translation, pseudotranslation
§ how are historical/cultural, sexual, national or other identities
transferred or transformed through translation?
§ psychological and cognitive contexts of translation and interpreting
§ socio-political contexts and/or (personal) ideologies.
§ spaces between ethical obligations and subjective appropriations
§ the translation of marginal and/or minority communities â€"translation
as voicing
§ how does globalisation provide new challenges for the translation of
alternative/subversive/dissident narratives?
§ visible and invisible translators. How can translation theory, from
DTS to Derrida and interpreting studies engage with issues of
identity, subjectivity and selfhood?

Keynote Speakers

Mona Baker / Josephine Balmer / Jean Boase-Beier / Ian Mason / Clive Scott

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Abstracts of max 350 words (with bibliographical references) for 20
min papers should be sent by 12 June 2005 to

Notification of acceptance of proposals will be given by the end of July 2005.
Selected papers will be submitted for publication.

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