CFP: Meowpower: Choice (9/1/05; e-journal issue)

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Lynda L. Hinkle
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CFP: MP E-Journal

Meowpower feminist peer-reviewed biannual e-journal is seeking papers on the
subject of "CHOICE". The word choice has been used as a galvanizing point
concerning abortion, but the concept of the right to choose extends well
beyond the womb. Feminists argue over the kinds of choices we make...the
choice to be a stay at home mother or have a consuming career, the choice to
marry or not to marry, the choice to be celibate or to be sexually
promiscuous, the choice to agree or disagree with feminist "party lines",
etc. We are seeking academic papers, personal narratives, creative writing,
or journalistic writings that wrestle with the idea of gender and choice in
any creative, intellectual way. Please send your completed paper along with
a CV and 50 word bio to by September 1, 2005. Any
attachments must be compatible with Microsoft Word. Meowpower is on the web
at <> to get an idea of previous issues.

We are also seeking two interested feminist scholars (graduate students
welcome) to join our peer review board. Those with a background in queer
theory or disability studies especially welcome. Send a letter of interest
and CV to

  Lynda L. Hinkle
               | (609) 680-2848
"You cannot teach anyone anything; you can only help them find it within
themselves." - Gallileo

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