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Adam Rosadiuk
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SYNOPTIQUE, the online journal of film and film studies, is seeking
contributions for Edition 9, to be published May 13th, 2005.

Less consciously thematic than some of our past editions, SYNOPTIQUE 9
is currently anchored by two fascinating articles:


"Is My World Your World? Neurophenomenology as a Discourse for Postmodernism"

Part time Film Studies major and full time Neuroscience PhD student
Najmeh Khalili Mahani grapples in this piece with the intersection
between both art and technology and the Humanities and the Sciences.
As she writes, "How can we trust the narrow view of science to do
justice to the formidable structures of the human body and human
society? The answer is: we cannot. However, the role of science in
creation of myths that form or deform social structures cannot be

"Visual Reality Anthropology"

Anthropology student and experimental filmmaker Carlos Quinonez
revisits the ethnographic form, and makes a plea for artistic
creativity as a bulwark against both pernicious misrepresentation and
grotesque relativism.


Do you have something you feel would complement these two articles?
An obvious theme for this edition so far would be "Interdisciplinary
Film Studies". But this need not be the case. The connections
between pieces may be vague. Our goal is to build editions that
reflect surprising trends. SYNOPTIQUE's publishing aim is to help make
connections between disparate works in order to provide hints about
cinema's current intellectual climate, to set new ideas side by side
to see how they sustain each other. Please visit our site to get a
better sense of our mandate. We are open to suggestions, and look
forward to, if nothing else, learning what you are working on. We are
looking for adventurous writers.

Submissions may be in English or French.

SYNOPTIQUE regularly accepts:
Book reviews
Theatrical and DVD reviews
Splinter reviews (maximum of 100 words)
E-mail dialogues about specific cinema topics.
Suggestions for our STYLE GALLERY:
Essays on the concept of film style

All article submissions should be a maximum of 3,000 words in length.
Reviews should be 500-1,000 words. SYNOPTIQUE publishes both academic
and journalistic work. Please e-mail us at for a
complete formatting guide. We encourage the use of the MLA standard.

Manuscripts may be emailed as an attached MS Word file to Shawna at

Please e-mail us immediately if you are interested in contributing.
Deadline for proposals is 12 April 2005.

Deadline for work that will be published in Synoptique 9 is 22 April 2005.

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