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Alternatives Within the Mainstream II: Queer Theatre in Britain

Critics are invited to write chapters for a critical study of contemporary
British post-war queer theatre. The focus is on bi, trans, gay, lesbian
identities as represented on the British stage. Keeping in mind that queer
identities are fluid and always in a state of flux, defying definitions and
binary oppositions, articles are invited which examine these identities
as represented in British drama since 1950.

A few of the topics we will cover:
Lesbian theatre
Black lesbian theatre [Black in this anthology includes Asian]
Gay theatre
Black gay theatre
Transexuals, transvestites and other identities represented in British
And more=E2=80=A6.
Individual chapters on dramatists, gay and lesbian theatre companies are
planned. A historical trajectory of gay, lesbian and theatres of other
sexualities is invited.
Each chapter will be 6000-8000 words in length. Please send a proposal of
500 words with your biographical details.

Dr. Dimple Godiwala-McGowan, DPhil (Oxford)
Senior Lecturer
York St John College (University of Leeds)
email: _DimpleGodiwala_at_aol.com_ (

Dimple Godiwala is the author of 'Breaking the Bounds: British Feminist
Dramatists Writing in the Mainstream since c. 1980', New York & Oxford: Peter
Lang, 2003; and 'Queer Mythologies: The Original Stageplays of Pam Gems',
Intellect, 2006. The critical anthology edited by her, 'Alternatives to the
Mainstream I: British Black and Asian Theatre' will go to press this summer.

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