CFP: 'Origins' and 'Originality' in the Arts (6/30/05; e-journal issue)

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LL Otty
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FORUM is a new postgraduate online arts journal based at the University of
Edinburgh. Each edition will set out to explore a theme from as many different
perspectives as possible: submissions from all fields within the arts and
humanities are warmly welcomed.

                          ¡¥Origins and Originality¡¦

Our inaugural issue will address the twin themes of origins and originality in
literature, philosophy, art and music. Is it still possible to talk of origins
in our post-colonial world of globalization and nomadic wandering? Can one be
original? What constitutes originality in the arts? How are themes relating
to origins and originality approached and navigated by different media in
different communities? How do these media respond to or present ideas of
origins and originality? How do these concepts within the arts interact with
the related concepts of politics, history, memory and power? How do notions
of origin influence the construction of the subject, and how do they interact
with notions such as community, ethnicity or gender? How do concepts of
originality and repetition affect artistic and literary production?

Possible areas for discussion are (but are not limited to):

"X Post-colonial identity
"X The Death of the Author/ Subject and The Text
"X Construction of the Subject
"X The End of History
"X Performance and authenticity
"X Memory and Time
"X Culture and Roots
"X Community and Belonging
"X Repetition, Context and Authenticity
"X Receptions of the New

Deadline for article submission is June 30, 2005

Submissions Guidelines:

All articles submitted for publication must be in English and must be manifestly
relevant to the theme of the issue for which the article is submitted.
Contributions should be no longer than 3500 words and should be submitted via
email attachment, as a Microsoft Word or plain text document. All
contributions should be formatted according to the MLA style guidelines, and
should include a 250-word abstract of the article submitted as well as the
article itself.

Each article submitted will be peer reviewed prior to publication. Authors will
retain copyright of their original contributions, and are free to publish them
elsewhere. All email enquiries and article submissions should be sent to:

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         or write Jennifer Higginbotham:
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