CFP: Radical Poetics/Secular Jewish Culture (5/15/05; collection)

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Co-edited collection dealing with Secular Jewish Culture and Radical
Poetic Practice
Send c.v. and abstract by May 15, 2005 to and/or

Profs Daniel Morris (Purdue) and Stephen Miller (St. Johns) are
developing a co-edited collection dealing with Secular Jewish Culture
and Radical Poetic Practice. The book will be a spin off from a forum
on Secular Jewish Culture/Radical Poetic Practice, held at the American
Jewish Historical Society in NYC held in Sept/04. The event featured
talks by Charles Bernstein, Paul Auster, Kathryn Hellerstein, Stephen
Paul Miller, Marjorie Perloff, and Jerome Rothenberg. We have begun
assembling the collection by gathering the texts from many of the
participants in the forum, who have given their blessing to this book
project. Some of the questions the panelists posed were the
following: What are the innovations of American Jewish poets over the
past century? Can we say that there is a distinctly Jewish component
to radical modernist and contemporary poetry? What is the relation
of Jewish modernist and contemporary poets to the historical
avant-garde and to contemporary innovative poetry?

Some of the amazing folks who have agreed to contribute include: Bob
Perelman, Michael Heller, Stephen Fredman, Mark Scroggins, Norm
Finkelstein, Maerra Shreiber, Maria Damon, Alicia Ostriker, Ben
Friedlander, David Shapiro, and Rachel Blau DuPlessis.

Since the book is still taking shape, the type of contributions remains
open. we could imagine standard scholarly essays on important figures
such as Zukofsky, Stein, Reznikoff, Rukeyser, Oppen, Rakosi, and more
contemporary figures and movements. We could also imagine a section
devoted to personal reflections by poets or poet/critics who are
themselves engaged in producing radical poetics. We could see another
section devoted to hybridic forms of writing that upset the line
between traditional criticism and creative writing.

  At this point, an abstract and a c.v. would be a sufficient indication
of your commitment to the project. Since we already have several
full-length essays in hand, we could garner an advanced contract by
circulating to presses a package with the completed essays plus the
abstracts and c.v.s for the forthcoming essays.


 Daniel Morris
 Professor of English
 Editor, Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies

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