CFP: A History of Sexual Perversion 1650-1850 (6/1/05; collection)

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Julie Peakman


 Contributors are sought for a new book on 'A History of Sexual
Perversion 1650-1850'. We specifically seek articles within the boundaries
of history of sexuality which examine so-called sexual 'perversions'; this
might include any sexual behaviour which was considered 'abnormal' for
its time and would include certain heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian,
transgender, transvestite etc. practices; and why was such behaviour was
seen as 'abnormal', 'perverse' or threatening; subjects for discussion
might be considered include bestiality, flagellation, sex with children,
fetishes, sado-masochism etc.

 We are particularly interested in historically based articles but
interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.

 We are looking for clearly written essays on instances of so-called
'abnormal' sexual behaviour in historical texts which predate the
official naming events or labels such as 'perversity' 'homosexuality',
'lesbianism' "inversion," "masochism," et. al, thereby complicating the
historical picture of discursive and sexual practice; and in articles
which address the constructionalism verses essentialism debate.

    Preference will be given to eighteenth-century sources, but 1650-1850
is the general range. Articles between 6-9000 words welcome with a hard
copy by June 1st 2005 to:

Julie Peakman, 2 Kings Garth

29 London rd, London SE23 3TT , England

And an e-mail version to Bonnie Blackwell at Texas Univertisy on

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