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Jose Ramón Prado Pérez
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Journal Culture, Language and Representation, published by Universitat
Jaume I, Spain, invites contributions for volume 3, to appear May 2006, on
the issue of "Politeness".

Politeness, regarded as a basic interactional principle of communication,
may be approached from a wide range of theoretical or analytical
perspectives: pragmatics / linguistics; discourse analysis and
conversation, semiotics, diachronic studies, intercultural processes, etc.

Articles may address the ideological implications derived from the
implementation of politeness strategies in different cultures, societies,
or groups, as well as in changing cultural contexts; and how politeness may
contribute to the creation, definition / redefinition, reinforcement of
power relations among individuals and collectives, and of those with their
environment. The ultimate question to be posed would be: how is a politics
of politeness to be articulated?

Deadline for submissions: 31 August, 2005.
Essays should not exceed 6500 words; book reviews, 650 words.

To obtain more information or the Style Sheet, you may visit the Journal's
Web Page at

or contact the Editors:
Jose Ramon Prado (Universitat Jaume I), e-mail:


Dr. Jose R. Prado
Campus Riu Sec
Universidad Jaume I
12071 Castellon
Tel. +34 964 729532
Office: +34 964 729616
Fax. +34 964 729261

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