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Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times is an independent, self-financed collective which
exists to provide a space for the free circulation and exchange of
ideas on the left, outside the confines of the academy and not limited
by party loyalties or sectarian ideologies.

We are seeking to expand our base of contributors to our on-line
discussion papers which explore current cultural/political issues.
Broadly speaking, these discussion papers provide more space for
analysis than is generally provided by a newspaper article, but are
shorter and more accessible than a piece in an academic journal.
Therefore, we also often publish pieces based on academic journal
articles or conference papers which the author has re-worked.

Our most recent papers (listed below) consider key policy areas in the
UK election campaign. Articles to date have included Doreen Massey on
globalisation, Mark Curtis on the Iraq War, Paul Kingsnorth on the
global justice movement and Stuart Hall on New Labour, alongside
features about the politics of music, the meanings of 'terror', an
interview with Adbusters founder Kalle Lasn, and an exploration of the
world of management self-help theory.

We very much welcome contributions about the politics of culture, in
its broadest sense, as we are not simply looking for pieces on 'hard'
politics. Contributors to date have included - but are by no means
limited to - academics, NGO workers, policy makers and journalists. The
articles need to be connected to contemporary events and issues.

Contributor's guidelines:
- We publish fairly lengthy, reflective magazine-style articles of
approximately 2-4,000 words.

- A short bibliography and/or hyperlinks to further reading and
connected websites after the main text is encouraged. If you need to
reference in the text itself, please use the Harvard system (Author,
year of publication: page no) rather than footnotes or endnotes.

- Please include an abstract or summary of your article of around
100-200 words, together with up to 5 keywords, and a short biographical
note of around 20-30 words.

Please contact the content editor, Jeremy Gilbert on, or submit
completed papers to,
If you want to be removed from this distribution list then send a blank
mail to
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On the Signs of the Times website

• Oscar Reyes looks at the likely implications for privatisation and
surveillance of the 2012 Olympic Bid
• Neal Lawson searches for signs of Social Democracy in New Labour
• Jeremy Valentine dissects the debate around managerialism and the
meaning of New
  Labour's 'modernisation'.
• Kerry Moore and Joanna Zylinska consider New Labour's politics of

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