CFP: The Situated Body: A Special Issue of Janus Head (3/1/06; journal issue)

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Costica Bradatan

Janus Head. A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Continental Philosophy,
Literature, Phenomenological Psychology and the Arts


JANUS HEAD 9.2 (Winter 2006/2007) - Special Issue

TOPIC: The situated body

Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2006.

Guest Editor: Shaun Gallagher (University of Central Florida)

In recent phenomenological and analytic philosophy, as well as in the
cognitive sciences, emphasis has been given to embodiment. Concepts of
embodied, enactive, and situated cognition have been developed. This special
issue of Janus Head would like to explore questions about how the body is
situated in both physical and social environments. What various ways can we
characterize a situated body, and how does situatedness affect (or effect)
perception, feeling, and cognition more generally? We especially encourage
interdisciplinary approaches to these questions, including perspectives
informed by phenomenology, philosophy of mind, neuroscience, Gibsonian and
developmental psychologies, and discussions of self, the experience of
others, narrative, metaphor, architecture, etc.

We are also soliciting poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and visual art
that, in some way or other, address the topic of "the situated body."

CRITERIA FOR ESSAYS: Submissions should be no longer than 10,000 words. Works
should be typed and double-spaced. Format requirements: APA or MLA styles
(footnotes should be placed at the end of paper). Submit one disk or CD and
two (2) copies to the address below. Your essay should include a brief
abstract (120 words or less). Also include a brief biography for the
contributors page, should your paper be accepted. Make sure to include all
relevant contact information, including a permanent e-mail address. Email
submissions will not be accepted!

a cover letter, a short biography, and correspondence information. Short
fiction should be typed and double-spaced and should be no longer than 9000
words (about 36 pages or shorter). Poetry should be typed in the format in
which it is intended to be printed. Three to five poems are the suggested
number for poetry submissions. Submit one disk or CD and two (2) copies to
the address below. Please note: We are no longer accepting poetry submissions
via email. If you submit your poetry via email, please do not expect it to be

If your submission does not follow these guidelines, it will not be reviewed.
CRITERIA FOR ARTWORK: We are seeking artists for submissions of portfolios to
feature in the journal. Photos, slides, and/or electronic images are the
preferred formats. Please email the editors ( ) if you
have any questions.

1. Essay and poetry submission materials will not be returned. However, art,
photography and other materials will be returned if you include a self-
addressed, stamped envelope.
2. Upon the acceptance of your paper, Janus Head reserves the right to use
your work for promotional purposes, anthologies, etc. However, you are
welcome to publish your work elsewhere as you see fit.
3. Contributors will get a complimentary hard copy of the issue in which
their work appears, as well as access to an electronic PDF file of their
article for distribution. Additional hard copies of the issue can be
purchased at $10 per copy.

Please send to:
Janus Head
P.O. Box 1259
Amherst, NY 14226

Authors should include their e-mail address. Allow at least 3-6 months for
the review process and editorial decisions. Notice of receipt of materials
can be obtained by email ( ).

Costica Bradatan
Senior Editor, Janus Head

The latest issue of Janus Head is now available at

It features a broad selection of essays, fiction, poetry,
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Non-Positivist Ground
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"God is dreaming you": Narrative as Imitatio Dei in Miguel De Unamuno
Costica Bradatan

Painting in the Expanded Field
Gustavo Fares


Gestures in Waiting
Robert Vivian

The Philosopher
Aaron Parrett


Desert Flesh and Iron
Nat Hardy & Julian Grater

Vignettes in Stone
Anita Lundberg & Jean Weiner


Three poems
Ewa Lipska (translated by Margret Grebowicz)

Sonnets to Orpheus 1.2
Rainer Maria Rilke (translated by Rick Anthony Furtak)

Six poems
James Deahl

Six poetry translations
Ouyang Yu

Three poems
Robert Gibbons

Three poems
Jnana Hodson

Five poems
James Hoggard

The Current State of the "Question of the Animal"
Review of Zoontologies: The Question of the Animal
Edited by Cary Wolfe
Reviewer: Fareed Awan

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Review of History Beyond Trauma
by Francoise Davoine & Jean-Max Gaudilliere
Reviewer: Pam Leck

Sex of the Soul: Transsexual Identity Development
Review of Transsexualism: Illusion and Reality
by Colette Chiland
Reviewer: Nadine Vaughan

Caught in the Net and Dreaming Lucidly
Review of Connected--Or What It Means to Live in the Network Society
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Reviewer: Andrew J. Felder

"The rest is jelly"
Review of Wetwares: Experiments in Post-Vital Living
by Richard Doyle
Reviewer: Gavin Miller

A Passionate Embrace With Thought Itself
Review of Intimacy or Integrity: Philosophy and Culutral Difference
by Thomas P. Kasulis
Reviewer: Alan Pope

Bodies and Thinking in Motion
Review of Body and World
by Samuel Todes
Reviewer: Tom Strong

Classifications of Dissociation: Bridging Disciplines to Understand States
of Consciousness
Review of Mind Over Mind: The Anthropology and Psychology of Spirit
by Morton Klass
Reviewer: Angelina Baydala

Does Anyone Really Know What Time Is?
Review of Are We In Time?: And Other Essays on Time and Temporality
by Charles M. Sherover
Reviewer: Steven J. Hendlin

Culture and the Western World
Review of Thresholds of Western Culture: Identity, Postcoloniality,
Edited by John Burt Foster, Jr. & Wayne J. Froman
Reviewer: Van Yu


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