CFP: Art as Imitation (7/30/05; collection)

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Douglas Friedlander

We would like to invite you to contribute an essay to a critical anthology
that examines the relationship between imitation, creation, and the
created object. Our working title is *Mirror up to Nature: Art as
Imitation.* The collection will consist of a set of essays in various
disciplines within the Arts and Humanities, essays which will explore the
issues of mimesis and metaphor in the context of modern, postmodern, and
contemporary art, literature, film, and architecture.

The essays we will include should examine some of the following questions:

What is the relationship of the creative act to the object imitated?
Is all art inherently imitative?
What does it mean to say something is imitative?
Does metaphor require mimesis?
What is the relationship between verbal/visual metaphor and the
What is the distinction between imitation and interpretation?
What is the relationship between invented worlds and historical worlds?
What is the value of mimetic form?
Is expression a form?
How are space and time represented in the created object?
What constitutes a copy?
What constitutes the transformative act in the self-referential post-modern
What is the expressive element of imitation?
The approach we are seeking is not primarily historical, nor are we
seeking discussions that are purely theoretical. We ask that theory be
explored with reference to specific works.
Abstracts of proposed papers should be submitted by July 30 to the
following address:
     Prof. Douglas Friedlander or Prof. David Pushkin
     130 Hofstra University
     Roosevelt Hall 211
     Hempstead, NY 11549

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