CFP: Che Guevara: Thought, Action, Image (6/15/05; journal issue)

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Cornelia Graebner

Call for Contributions

CASAzine No. 2, "Ch=E9 Guevara: Thought, Action, Image"

Contributions are invited for the 2nd issue of the CASAzine on "Ch=E9
Guevara: Action, Thought and Image."

Ernesto "Ch=E9" Guevara embodies the willingness to put dreams and =
ideals into practice, and to face the consequences of this practice - a =
readiness usually associated with action, and one that many lack in the =
practice of their theory. Like few others, he was faced with the =
challenge to concretely accomplish the complex negotiation of thought, =
ideals and action, particularly during the consolidation period of the =
Cuban revolution. In this issue of the CASAzine we invite contributions =
that engage with his writing and/or with the significance of his image.

The general perception of his image - both in the sense of a persona and =
of a visual image - has often been detached from his biography and his =
writings. As a consequence, the "Ch=E9" has been made available to many =
people and social movements as an image ready to be filled, an image =
that stands for those that have no face. Therefore, the empowering =
effect of his image in many recent struggles has been immense. The =
flip-side of such a significance is that the widespread use of his image =
 leads to a contradiction between protagonism and commitment to "those =
that are behind."

Ch=E9 Guevara's popularity and the way his image has been used to =
construct a public persona opens up many challenges for critical =
engagement with his work. Because of the significance he has for many, =
critical reflection on him runs the risk of objectification and, as a =
result, an underestimation of the significance he really has, or, =
alternatively, in an endorsement of protagonism that forecloses his =
empowering effect.

We invite contributions that engage with - and do not objectify - the =
theory, practice, the image and the persona of Ch=E9 Guevara both in =
articles focusing concretely on his example, and in articles that take a =
comparative approach in their analysis of his significance for other =
movements and of the influence of his theoretical work on social =
movements and on other writers. We also invite reviews on books and =
articles related to the topic. Articles should not contain more than =
3000 words. For more information on the length of reviews please contact =
the editors. Please send your contributions to by =
15th June 2004 and attach a short biography of yourself. Articles should =
have no more than 3000 words. For the length of reviews please contact =
the editors.

The CASAzine is the journal of the CASA Project. It appears twice a =
year. One issue is dedicated to publishing contributions of and =
reflections on the CASA Meeting. The second issue is a thematic issue on =
topics that are suggested by various guest editors. The CASAzine is =
published electronically and is available in pdf-Format on the CASA =
website The copyright of the contributions =
remains with the authors.

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