CFP: Political Perelman RSA (Rhetoric Society of America) (7/1/05; RSA, 5/26/06-5/29/06)

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CFP: Political Perelman RSA (Rhetoric Society of America) 2006

Beginning with the statement, ?We combat uncompromising and irreducible philosophical oppositions presented by all kinds of absolutisms? (510), Chaim Perelman and Lucie Olbrechts-Tyteca close The New Rhetoric on a decidedly political note. They suggest that a new rhetoric that explicitly describes modern discourse exposes the political structures of that discourse, and thus has political as well as philosophical utility. However, during its initial reception, the political implications of a new rhetoric were overshadowed in the flurry of interest over the ?universal audience? and other markedly philosophical questions.

This panel seeks to rectify that oversight, and step through the philosophical into the rhetorical, the realm of practical action. Papers are welcome that explore the possibilities for the political found in the complex theories of Chaim Perelman?or, that question those possibilities. While any paper that draws on any of the works of Perelman is welcome, papers that use a Perelmanian theory to analyze a contemporary or historical political/rhetorical moment are particularly welcome.

Send abstracts or queries to Mark Noe ( by July 1, 2005.

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