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Facts on File, a leading New York publishing firm, is publishing a
Compendium of 20th Century Novelists and Novels. The volume targets
international authors. As the editor of this unique volume, I am =
scholars to write contributions on the authors and their works =
collected in
this reference work. The novelists are identified as those who wrote =
the 20th century, wrote originally in a language other than English =
translation followed), and whose works are likely taught in the college =
high school curriculum. This criteria excludes American and British =
The collection consists of more than 200 novelists and over 300 novels =
an international perspective. Please let me know if you have an =
interest in
writing on one or more of these entries. This volume promises to be a =
collection of works from the world over. As a way of introduction, I am =
professor of English at Texas Southern University, Houston, TX. =
of the Compendium of 20th Century Novelists and Novels is expected to =
be in

I am including the master list of novelists and novels.

Michael D. Sollars, Ph.D.
Texas Southern University
Department of English
3100 Cleburne
Houston, TX 77004

Compendium of World Novelists and Novels

The list consists of 220 authors and 318 novels.
The authors noted with *** have been assigned.

***Achebe, Chinua (Nigeria, 1930-?)
                                Things Fall Apart

***Adnan, Etel (Iran, 1925-?)
                                Sitt Marie-Rose

Alegria, Ciro (Peru, 1909-1967)
                                Broad and Alien Is the World

***Allende, Isabel (Chile, 1942-)
                                Daughter of Fortune
                                House of the Spirits
                                The Infinite Plan=20
                                Eva Luna=20
                                Of Love and Shadows=20

Amado, Jorge (Brazil, 1912-2001)
                                Dona Flor and her Two Husbands
                                The Violent Land
                                Pen, Sword, Camisole

***Andrade, Mario de(Brazil, 1893-1945)

***Andric, Ivo (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1892-1975)

Arguedas, Alcides (Bolivia, 1879-1946)

Arguedas, Jose Maria (Peru, 1911-1969)
                        Deep Rivers

Asturias, Miguel Angel (Guatemala, 1899-1974)
                        The President=09

Azuela, Mariano (Mexico)
                        The Underdogs

***Bachmann, Ingeborg (Germany, 1926-1973)

Ballas, Shimon (Israel, 1930-?)

Baroja, Pio (Spain, 1872-1956)

Barres, Maurice (France, 1862-1923)

***Bataille, Georges (France, 1897-1962)
                                The Story of an Eye

***Beauvoir, Simone de (France, 1908-1986)
                  All Men Are Mortal
                  The Blood of Others
                  The Mandarins
Benni, Stefano (Italy)

Bernanos, Georges (France, 1888-1948)
                   The Diary of a Country Priest
                  The Star of Satan

Beti, Mongo (Cameroon, 1932-?)
                  Mission to Kala

Bienek, Horst (Germany, 1930-1990)
                  The Cell

Bioy Casares, Adolfo (Argentina, 1914-1999)
                  The Invention of Morel

***Blanchot, Maurice (France)

***Blasco Ib=E1=F1ez,Vicente (Spain, 1867-1928)
                  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

***Borowski, Johannes (Germany, 1917-1965)

Boll, Henrich (Germany, 1917-1985)
                  The Train Was on Time
                  Absent without Leave
                  Adam, Where Art Thou
                  Billiards at Half Past Nine
                  Group Portrait of a Lady

***Boudjedra, Rachid (Algeria, 1941-)
                  The Repudiation

Bourget, Paul (France, 1852-1935)
                  The Disciple
                  Love's Cruel Enigma
                  The Night Cometh

***Breton, Andr=E9 (France, 1896-1966)

Broch, Hermann (Austria, 1886-1951)
                  The Death of Virgil
                  The Sleepwalkers

***Bulgakov, Mihail (Russia, 1891-1940)
                  The Master and Margarita

Bunin, Ivan (Russia, 1870-1953)
                  The Village
                  The Well of Days

Bykov, Vasil (Belarus, 1924-2003)

***Cabrera Infante, Guillermo (Cuba, 1929-)=20
                  Infante's Inferno
                  Three Trapped Tigers=20
                  View of Dawn in the Tropics

***Calvino, Italo (Italy, 1923-1985)
                  The Baron in the Trees
                  If on a winters night a traveler

***Camus, Albert (Algeria, 1913-1960)=20
                  The Fall
                  The Plague
                  The Stranger

Carballido, Emilio (Mexico, 1925-)
                  The Norther

***Carpentier, Alejo (Cuba, 1904-1980)
                  The Kingdom of this World
                  Like the Night

***Cartarescu, Mircea (Romania, 1956-)

***Cela, Camilo Jose (Spain, 1916-2002)
                  Family of Pascual Duarte
                  The Hive

Celine, Louis-Ferdinand (France, 1894-1961)=20
                  Journey to the End of the Night

***Charef, Mehdi (France)
                  Tea in the Harem

Claussen, Sophus (Denmark, 1865-1931)

Coelho, Paulo (Brazil, 1947-)
                  The Alchemist (1988)
                  Eleven Minutes

***Colette (Sidonie Gabrielle Colette) (France, 1873-1954)
                  The Cat
                  Claudine at School
                  The Vagrant

***Conde, Maryse (Guadeloupe, 1937-)=20
                  Crossing the Mangrove

Cort=E1zar, Julio (Argentina, 1914-1984)
                  Hopscotch (1963)
                  The Winners (1965)
                  The End of the Game (1967)
                  A Manual for Manuel (1978)

Couperus, Louis (Netherlands)
                  The Book of the Small Souls

Cunha, Euclides da (Brazil, 1866-1909)
                  Rebellion in the Backlands

***Dai, Sijie (China, 1954-)
          Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

Dalos, Gyorgy (Hungary, 1943-)

***Danishvar, Simin (Iran, 1921-?)


Denevi, Marco (Argentina, 1922-1998)
                  Rosaura at Ten O'Clock (1964)

Dermoot, Maria (Netherlands)
                  Days Before Yesterday

***Ding, Ling (China, 1904-1986)
                  The Sun Shines over the Sanggan River

Doblin, Alfred (Germany, 1878-1957)
                  Berlin Alexanderplatz
                  Men without Mercy
                  The Three Leaps of Wang-lun

Donoso, Jos=E9 (Chile, 1924-1996)
                  The Obscene Bird of the Night

***Dun, Mao (China, 1896-1985)

Duras, Marguerite (France, 1914-1996)
                  ***The Lover
                  The North Chinese Lover
                  The Sailor from Bibraltar
                  The Sea Wall

***Eco, Umberto (Italy, 1932-)
                  Foucault's Pendulum
                  The Name of the Rose
                  The Island of the Day Before

Eliade, Mircea (Romania, 1907-1986)

***Endo, Shusako=09

***Esquivel, Laura (Mexico, 1950-)
                  Like Water for Chocolate (1992)

Fagundes Telles, Lygia (Brazil, 1924-)
                  As Meninas

Forjaz de Sampaio, Albino (1884-1949)

Frisch, Max (Germany, 1911-1991)
                  I'm not Stiller
                  A Wilderness of Mirrors

Fuentes, Carlos (Mexico, 1928-)=20
                  The Campaign.=20
                   A Change of Skin=20
                  The Good Conscience=20
                  The Death of Artemio Cruz=20
                  The Hydra Head=20
                  The Old Gringo=20
                  Terra nostra=20
                  Where the Air Is Clear

***Gadda, Carlo (Italy)

Gallegos, R=F3mulo (Venezuela, 1884-1969)
                  Dona Barbara

***Gao, Xingjian (China, 1940-)
                  One Man's Bible
                  Soul Mountain

***Ginzburg, Natalia (Italy)

***Garc=EDa M=E1rquez, Gabriel (Columbia, 1928-).
                  The Autumn of the Patriarch =09
                  Chronicle of a Death Foretold=20
                  In Evil Hour=20
                  Love in the Time of Cholera=20
                  One Hundred Years of Solitude
                  The General in His Labyrinth

***Genet, Jean (France, 1910-1986)
                  Miracle of the Rose
                  Our Lady of the Flowers

***Gibran, Kahil (Lebanon, 1883-1931)
                  The Prophet

***Gide, Andr=E9 (France, 1869-1951)
                  The Catacombs of the Vatican
                  The Immoralist
                  The Counterfeiters

***Gombrowicz, Witold (Poland, 1904-1969)

***Gorky, Maxim (Russia, 1868-1936)
                  The Life of Klim Samgin

***Goytisolo, Juan (Spain, 1931-)
                  Marks of Identity
                  Count Julian

***Grace, Patricia (New Zealand, 1937-?)

***Grass, Gunter (Germany, 1927-)
                  Too Far Afield
                  Dog Years
                  Local Anaesthetic
                  The Flounder
                  The Tin Drum

Guimaraes Rosa, Joao (Brazil, 1908-1967)
                  The Devil to Pay in the Backlands

***Guiraldes, Ricardo (Argentina, 1886-1927)
                  Don Segundo Sombra (1926)

Guzman, Martin Luis (Mexico, 1887-1977)
                  The Eagle and the Serpent

***Han, Shaogong (China)
                  A Dictionary of Maqiao

***Hasek, Jaroslav (Czech Republic, 1883-1923)
                  The Good Soldier Svejk

***Hesse, Herman (Germany, 1877-1962)
                  Death and the Lover

***Hidayat, Sadiq (Iran, 1903-1951)
                  The Blind Owl

Hossain, Rokeya Sakhawat (India)

***Hrabal, Bohumil (Czech, 1914-1997)

***Hussein, Abdullah (Pakistan, 1931-?)
                  Sad Generations

Ibuse, Masuji (Japan)
                  Black Rain

Janson, Tove (Finland, 1914-2001)
                  Mumins Long Journey

***Jelloun, Tahar Ben (Algeria, 1944-)
                  The Sacred Night
***Jin, Ba (China)
                  Cold Nights

Johnson, Uwe (Germany, 1934-1984)
                  Speculations about Jacob
                  The Third Book about Achin

Jorgensen, Johannes (Denmark, 1866-1956)
                  The Fall of the King

***Kafka, Franz (Germany, 1883-1924)
                  The Castle
                  The Metamorphosis
                  The Trial

***Kanafani, Ghassan (Palestine, 1936-1972)
                  Men in the Sun

***Kawabata (Japan)
                House of Sleeping Beauties

***Kazantzakis, Nikos
                The Last Temptation of Christ

***Kemal, Yasar (Turkey)
                  Memed, My Hawk

***Kenyatta, Jomo (Korea, 1891-1978)
                  Facing Mount Kenya

***Kenzaburo, Oe (Japan, 1935-); Nobel Prize
                  A Personal Matter

***Kis, Danilo (Serbia)
                The Tomb of Boris Davidovich
                Encyclopedia of the Dead
                The Hourglass

***Kobo, Abe (Japan, 1924-1993)
                  The Woman in the Dunes

***Krleza, Miroslav (Croatia, 1893-1981)

***Kundera, Milan (Czech Republic, 1929-)
                  The Unbearable Lightness of Being

***Lampedusa, Giuseppe di (Italy, 1896-1957)
                  The Leopard=20

***Lao She (China, 1899-1966)
                  Beneath the Red Banner
                   Camel Xiangzi

Larreta, Enrique (1873-1961)
                  The Glory of Don Ramiro

***Laxness, Halldor (Iceland)

***Laye, Camara (Senegal, 1924-1980)
                  The Dark Child: The Autobiography of an African Boy
                  The Radiance of the King

***Lem, Stanislaw, (Poland)

***Leroux, Gaston (France)
                  The Phantom of the Opera
                  The Mystery of the Yellow Room

***Lispector, Clarice (Brazil, 1920-1957)
        The Hour of the Star

Lopez y Fuentes, Gregorio (Mexico, 1897-2002)
                  The Indian

***Maalouf, Amin (Lebanon)

Mallea, Eduardo (1903-1982)
                  All Green Shall Perish
                  History of an Argentine Passion

Mahfouz, Naguib (Egypt, 1911- )
                  The Struggle for Thebes
                  A New Cairo
                  The Cairo Trilogy-Palace Walk, Palace of Desire, and Sugar

***Malraux, Andr=E9 (France, 1901-1976)
                  Man's Hope
                  Man's Fate

***Mann, Thomas (Germany, 1875-1955)
                  Confessions of Felix Krull
                  Death in Venice
                  Doctor Faustus
                  The Holy Sinner
                  Joseph and his Brothers
                  The Magic Mountain

***Martin-Santos, Luis
                Time of Silence

***Mauriac, Fran=E7ois (France, 1885-1970)
                  The Desert of Love
                  The Family
                  The Frontenacs
                  Vipers' Tangle
                  Woman of the Pharisees

***Min, Anchee (China)
                  Red Azalea
                  Becoming Madame Mao

Mir=F3 Ferrer, Gabriel (Spain, 1879-1930)
                  Figures of the Passion of Our Lord
                  Our Father, San Daniel

Mishima, Yukio (Japan, 1925-1970)=09
                Forbidden Colors
                Sea of Fertility
                Confessions of a Mask

Moberg, Vilhelm (Sweden)
                  Clenched Fists
                  Far from the Highway=09
                  Ride this Night!

***Moravia, Alberto (Italy, 1907-)
                  The Conformist
                  Two Women

Moyan (China, 1956-)
                  The Garlic Ballads=20
                  Red Sorghum

***Mulisch, Harry (Netherlands)
                  The Assault

Murakami, Haruki
                Norwegian Wood

***Musil, Robert (Germany, 1880-1942)
                  The Many without Qualities
                  Young Torless

Munif, Abdelrahman
                Cities of Salt

Nwapa, Flora (Nigeria, 1931-1993)

Oller, Narcis (Catalonia, 1846-1930)
                  La febre d'or

Onetti, Juan Carlos (Uruguay, 1909-1994)
                  The Brief Life
                  The Body Snatcher

***Ooka Japan

Orkeny, Istvan (Hungary, 1912-1979)


***Oz, Amos (Israel, 1939-)
                  Black Box, My Michael

Pamuk, Orhan (Turkey, 1952- )
                The Black Book
                New Life

***Pasternak, Boris (Russia)
                  Doctor Zhivago

Pavese, Cesare (Italy)

***Pavic, Milorad (Serbia, 1929-)
                  Dictionary of the Khazars

Pereira de Graca Aranha, Jose (Brazil, 1868-1931)

Perez de Ayala, Ramon (Spain, 1880-1962)
                  Belarmino and Apolonio=09

***Petrescu, Camil (Romania, 1894-1957)

Pinon, Nelida (Brazil, 1937-)
                  Caetana's Sweet Song

***Pirandello, Luigi (Italy)

***Proust, Marcel (France, 1871-1922)
                  In Search of Lost Time
                Swann's Way

***Puig, Manuel (Argentina, 1932-1990)
                  The Kiss of the Spider Woman

***Qian, Zhongshu (China, 1910-1997)
                   Fortress Besieged

Queiroz, Rachel de (Brazil)

Ramos, Graciliano (Brazil, 1892-1953)
                  Sao Bernardo

***Remarque, Erich Maria (Germany, 1898-1970)
                  All Quiet on the Western Front
                  Arch of Triumph
                  The Road Back

Reve, Gerard van het (Netherlands, 1923-)
                  The Evenings
                  The Fourth Man

Revueltas, Jos=E9 (Mexico, 1914-1976)

***Reymont, Wladyslaw (Poland, 1867-1925)
                  The Peasants

Ribeiro, Darcy (Brazil, 1922-1997)

***Rilke, Rainer Maria (Germany, 1875-1926)
                  The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge

Rivera, Jos=E9 Eustasio (Columbia, 1888-1928)
                  The Vortex

***Roa Bastos, Augusto (Paraguay, 1917-2005)
                  The Supreme

***Robbe-Grillet, Alain (France)
                  The Labyrinth

***Rodoreda, Merce (Catalonia, 1909-1983)
                  The Time of the Doves

***Romains, Jules (France, 1885-1972)
                  Men of Good Will
                  The Death of a Nobody
                  The Boys in the Backroom

***Roumain, Jacques (Haiti, 1907-1944)
                  Masters of the Dew

***Rulfo, Juan (Mexico, 1918-1986)
                  Pedro Paramo

S=E1bato, Ernesto (1911-)
                  On Heroes and Tombs
                  The Tunnel

***Sadoveanu, Mihail (Romania, 1880-1961)

Saint-Exupery, Antoine de (France, 1900-1944)
                  Flight to Arras
                  The Little Prince
         The Night Flight
                  Southern Mail
                  Wind, Sand, and Stars

***Salih, Tayeb
                Season of Migration to the North

Santos, Bienvenido N. (Phillipines, 1911-?)
                  You Lovely People

***Saramago, Jos=E9 (Portugal, 1922-)
                  All the Names

Sarraute, Nathalie (France)
***Sartre, Jean-Paul (France, 1905-1980)
                  Trilogy: Age of Reason, The Retrieve, and Troubled Sleep

Sawako, Ariyoshi (Japan, 1931-1984)

Schmidt, Arno (Germany, 1914-1979)

Schwarz-Bart, Simone (Guadeloupe, 1938-)
                  The Bridge of Beyond

***Sciascia, Leonardo (Italy, 1921-1989)

***Seifert, Jaroslav (Czech Republic, 1901-1986)

***Sembene, Ousmane (Senegal, 1923-)
                  God's Bits of Wood

Sender, Ramon Jos=E9 (Spain, 1902-1982)
                  The Affable Hangman
                  Seven Red Sundays
                  The Sphere

***Shiba (Japan)

***Shimao (Japan)

***Sienkiewicz, Henryk (Poland, 1846-1925)
                  Quo Vadis

Sigurosson, Olafur Johann (Iceland)

***Sijie, Dai (China, 1954-)
                  Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

Simenon, Georges (France)
                  The 13 Culprits

Shivanzade, Alexander (Armenia)

Sholokhov, Mikhail (Russia)
                  All Quiet Flows the Don

Sillanpa, Frana Emmil (Finland, 1888-1964)

Solszhenitsyn, Aleksandr (Russia, 1918-)
                  Cancer Ward
                  Gulag Archipelago
                  One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

***Soseki, Natsume (Japan, 1867-1916)
                  The Wild Goose

***Soyinka, Wole (Nigeria, 1934-)
                  The Interpreters

Storch, Mathias (Greenland)
                  A Greenlander's Dream

***Svevo, Italo (Ettore Schmitz) (Italy 1861-1928)

***Suskind, Patrick (Germany, 1949-)

Taeko, Tomioka (Japan, 1933-)

***Tagor, Rabindranath (India, 1861-1941)
                  Chocher Bali

Taiko, Hirabayahi (Japan, 1905-1972)
                  Such Women

        The Diary of an Old Man

Tchicaya U Tam'si, Felix (Congo, 1931-1988)

***Thiong'o, Ngugi wa (Kenya, 1938)

Toer, Pramodyea Anata
                This Earth of Mankind

Toson, Shimazaki (Japan, 1872-1943)

Tutuola, Amos (Nigeria, 1920-?)
                  The Palm-Wine Drinkard

Ulbaldo Riberio, Joao (Brazil, 1941-)
Un, Ko (Korea, 1933-)

***Unamuno y Jugo, Miguel de (Spain, 1864-1936)
                  Saint Manuel Bueno, Martyr

Valle Inclan, Ramon (Spain, 1866-1936)
                  The Pleasant Memories of the Marquis de Bradomin
                  Trilology: The Quest, Weeds, and Red Dawn

***Vargas Llosa, Mario (Peru, 1936-)
                  Conversation in the Cathedral
                Death in the Andes =09
                The Green House
                  The Time of the Hero
Vercors (Jean-Marcel Bruller) (France)
                  The Silence of the Sea

Verissimo, Erico Lopes (Brazil, 1905-1975)

***Vestdijk, Simon (Netherlands, 1898-1971)
                  The Garden Where the Brass Band Played

***Vilhjalmsson, Thor (Iceland)

Viltorini, Elio (Italy)

***Walser, Martin (Germany, 1927-)
                  A Jumping Well

***Weiss, Peter (Germany, 1916-1982)
                   The Vanishing Point

***Wolf, Christa (Germany, 1929-)
                   Divided Heaven

***Xiao, Hong (China 1911-1942)
                  Tales of the Hulan River

Y=E1nez, Agust=EDn (Mexico, 1904-1980)
                  The Edge of the Storm

Yasunaria, Kawabata (Japan, 1899-1972); Nobel Prize
                  Snow Country
                  Thousand Cranes
                  The Master of Go
                  The Lake

***Yehoshua, A. B. (Israel)=09
                  Mr. Mani

***Yongun, Han (Korea, 1879-1944)

***Yu, Hua (China, 1960-)
                  Chronicle of a Blood Merchant
                  To Live

***Yukio, Mishima (Japan)
                Confessions of a Mask
Zhang, Henshui (China, 1895-?)
                  Shanghai Express=20

Zobel, Joseph (Martinique, 1915-?)
                  Black Shack Alley

Zweig, Arnold (Germany, 1887-1968)
                  The Axe of Wandsbek
                  The Case of Sergeant Grischa
                  The Crowning of a King
                  Insulted and Exiled

Michael D. Sollars, Ph.D.
Texas Southern University
Department of English
3100 Cleburne
Houston, TX 77004

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