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In many modern and contemporary narrative acts of psychological and physical violence among women, violence has been interpreted and presented in terms of Freudian envy, spaces for male pleasure, negotiating conflicts in a male world, biological determinism (the over protective mother), or as non-existent, i.e. created by males (women are peacemakers and nurturers, neither inherently violent nor evil) etc.
InterCulture would like to inspect this notion of female on female violence from an interdisciplinary perspective. An examination of texts like Ibsen's Hedda Gabbler, " A Doll's House", Romulo Gallegos' Dona Barbara, Cinderella or films like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Imitation of Life, and The Color Purple are just a few examples that depict violence among women. Beyond the literary, InterCulture would also like to explore historical feuds among queens or princesses, conflicts between classes of women, racial violence among women, and the balance of hierarchy among women within groups based on such things as social status or physical appearance. Female sports, women boxers, women wrestlers (in both legitimate and entertainment arenas), beauty pageant vengeance, prostitution and territorial violence, female prison violence, matricide, etc… are all welcome avenues of exploration.
InterCulture would like to receive submissions that attempt anthropological, religious, historical, biological, and mythological approaches to this theme. For example, the mythical feud between Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera immediately comes to mind, as does the role of alpha females in ordering social animal groups like wolves, primates, and the like. Uses of text, film, art, scientific study, and music are all welcomed as we attempt to determine the reaches of female on female violence in world cultures and examine the diverse cultural experiences and perspectives concerning violence among women.
Articles should be submitted in MS Word format and be between 3-6K words in length; book, film, and music reviews should be between 750-1250 words. Submissions are peer-reviewed.
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