CFP: Race and Kids Culture (7/1/05; journal issue)

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Essays are sought for a special issue of Cultural Studies<=>Critical
Metholodologies on Race and Kids Culture. The special issue will speak to
a set of shared concerns. As corporations increasingly structure and media
almost entirely saturate the lives of children, scholars and social
critics have rightly begun to explore the articulations of power, culture,
and identity. Inspired particularly by the emergent field of cultural
studies and informed by the post-marxist, feminist, and post-structural
frameworks, they have interpreted the ways in which toys, games, movies,
television, music, and literature educate, imprint, and otherwise
interpolate them to embrace normative values and institutions.
Surprisingly, race has received relatively little attention. In fact,
outside of studies of schools, the racial identities and ideologies
animating kids culture have been granted limited attention. This special
issue seeks to redress this oversight.

Specifically, it examines the production of race in kids (popular)
culture. Each contribution unpacks the entanglements of racialization and
socialization in and through critical readings of popular texts.
Presently, participants examine a range of topics including children's
books on the internment of Japanese Americans, Bratz Dolls and the
browning of America, the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality in
recent animated films, video games as (post)modern minsterly, and white
nationalist websites aimed at children.

Completed essays would be due to me early next year, running ideally 20-30
pages in length.

Interested individuals should send either an abstract or complete
manuscript along with a brief cv to C. Richard King no
later than 1 July 2005.

C. Richard King
Associate Professor

Comparative Ethnic Studies
Washington State University

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