CFP: Unbinding the Book, Bound Edition (7/22/05; collection)

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Temple Poetics Group

Call for Papers

Unbinding the Book, Bound Edition

Soliciting essays, poems, short stories, and other written
and/or creative works


an up-coming hand-bound publication that addresses issues
surrounding the textualities, materialities, and
possibilities of the book. Submissions may address the
following questions: What are the boundaries of the book
form? How might poetic practices unbind the book? How might
poetic practice unbind the book? How does the book as myth,
relic, limit, or commodity inform the writing process? How
does the screen, performance, or installation create new
possibilities for different word spaces? Can the book be a
compositional unit like the line or the sentence? If so, how
does it compose?

Deadline is Friday, July 22. Entries should not exceed five
pages and can be e-mailed to

Publications will be hand-made during 2 BookBinding Workshops
in August. Contributors are welcome to participate.

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