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Prem Kumar Poddar
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Wea re looking for a scholar to write a 2500-word essay on Postcolonial
Russai for our book which is being published by Edinburgh University
Press. Deatils follow.

A Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures in Continental Europe
and its Empires

Edited by Prem Poddar, Rajeev Patke and Lars Jensen

Regional Editors: John Beverley, Charles Forsdick, Pierre-Philippe
Fraiture, Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Theo d' Haen, Lars Jensen, Birthe Kundrus,
Elizabeth Monasterios, Phillip Rothwell

The Companion is the first reference work to provide a concise and
integrated body of information about the political, cultural and economic
contexts of postcolonial literatures that have their provenance in the
major European Empires of France, Germany, Holland, Italy, The
Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark and Spain-. The Companion is
comprehensive in its geographical scope, extending from Latin America and
the Caribbean to Africa, the Middle East and Asia. It also accommodates
the literatures and histories of regions where Europe merges into Asia, as
in the cases of Turkey and Russia.

The Companion contains 240 entries written by more than 150 recognized
scholars in the fields of postcolonial history and literature, and covers
major events, ideas, movements, and figures in postcolonial histories. In
addition to an extended introduction to each region, the book provides
surveys of key topics such as anti-colonial resistance, historiography,
women's histories, and narratives and fictions of empire. The entries
range across the entire period from European overseas exploration,
settlement and colonization to the decolonization of Europe's former
colonies, and highlight the relevance of colonial histories to the
cultural, social, political and literary formations of contemporary
postcolonial societies and nations. Topics of contemporary significance
include nationalism, ethnic struggles, migrancy, writings about other
humanities disciplines like journalism, music, etc.. Each entry provides
a succinct account of an event or topic, as well as suggestions for
further reading in postcolonial literary works and histories. Extensive
cross-references and indexes are provided to help readers place literary
texts in their historical contexts, and to link texts, topics and
histories from one region to another with ease.

By outlining the historical contexts of postcolonial literatures, the
Companion provides an important key to understanding complex contemporary
debates about race, colonialism and neo-colonialism, politics, economics,
culture and language. Its coverage of events, figures and movements,
along with political, social, and economic developments, makes this an
indispensable sourcebook of information and ideas for students, teachers
and the general reader.

prem poddar
Associate Professor
Institute of Language, Literature and Culture
University of Aarhus
8000 Aarhus C
(45)89426523 (W)

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