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Colin Burnett
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"Susan Sontag: Cinema and Photography"
Special Issue of Post Script: Essays in Film and the
Guest Edited by Dudley Andrew and Colin Burnett

Susan Sontag's legacy as a cultural critic and
commentator, especially in light of the obituaries and
articles written since her death, remains in question.
 Particularly conspicuous has been the relative
absence of a significant or sustained effort to gauge
the value of her essays on film and photography to
discourses on 'image culture.' While her now-infamous
"Decay of Cinema" lamentation sparked debate in some
circles, little effort has been made to assess its
place in her body of film writing, to evaluate the
significance of her previous essays on particular
films, of her contributions to the theory of film and
photography, and of her more general considerations of
style and interpretation of art in relation to
photography and the cinema. This special issue of
Post Script: Essays in Film and the Humanities will
focus on Sontag's significance to academic and
non-academic discourses about image culture dealing
with issues both specific and broad. Potential
contributors are encouraged to submit papers on topics
including, but not limited to, the following:

-Sontag as film director: re-assessments of her films
in relation to her essays
-Sontag and millennial and post-millennial 'end of
cinema' pronouncements
-Sontag's ideas on the rhetorical/affective power of
the image/photograph
-Susan Sontag and the notion of 'postponed'
hermeneutics of film
-Sontag's 'theory' of style (in relation to film &
photography) & new/old responses to it
-Sontag and the role of the 'popular'/'journalistic'
film writer/essayist in contemporary image culture
-Sontag's "Theater and Film" and "A Note on Novels and
Films" and their contribution to 60s film theory
-assessments of her analyses of specific filmmakers,
including Godard, Bresson, Syderberg, Riefenstahl,
Resnais and Bergman
-Sontag on camp film, science-fiction film and
-Sontag's significance to feminist film and
photography criticism/theory
-Sontag's significance to gay/lesbian film/image
-the "erotics of art" and academic film studies or
journalistic film writing
-Sontag's significance to formal and stylistic
approaches to film study
-the political/cultural context in which Sontag
emerged as a film essayist/cultural commentator and
how it may have shaped her response to film and
-influences on Sontag, including and beyond Roland
-Sontag and the history/legacy of the film essayist
-substantive interviews
-book/article reviews

Article submissions should be 5,000-7,000 words in
length, although for this special issue, articles
longer or shorter than the specified length are
welcome as well. Book/article reviews should be
500-1,000 words. Contributors should format
submissions based on the MLA Style Manual, 2nd
edition. Manuscripts may be emailed as an attached MS
Word file. If mailed, please send three copies, author
identification on a cover sheet only, and a SASE if
requesting return of copies.

The deadline for submission is January 15th, 2006.

Please send all manuscripts and queries about this
special issue by email to:
                        Colin Burnett
                        UW Comm Arts Department
                        821 University Avenue
                        Madison, WI 53706
                        Fax: 608-262-9953

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