CFP: Edna O'Brien: New Critical Perspectives (7/29/05; collection)

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Maureen O'Connor

Call for contributions to the volume of essays, Edna O'Brien: New Cri=
tical Perspectives=0D=0A=0D=0AIn addition to selected papers from the=
 international conference, Edna O'Brien: A Reappraisal (held at the N=
ational University of Ireland, Galway, 23 April 2005), we would like =
to include further contributions from O'Brien scholars that are appro=
priate to the aims of the edition. =0D=0A=0D=0AAims and Intentions:=
=0D=0A=0D=0AEdna O'Brien's writing has always provoked controversy, f=
rom her earliest The Country Girls trilogy to her more recent books o=
f 'faction', In the Forest and Down by the River. Critical responses =
have been divided between those who see her writing as populist and s=
tereotypical and those who admire her flouting of taboo and experimen=
ts with style and language. Existing criticism has tended, however, =
to regard O'Brien primarily in the light of feminist and Irish nation=
alist and religious discourses, leaving unexplored a great deal of wh=
at makes her a complex and controversial figure.=0D=0A=0D=0AThe aim o=
f this edition is to extend existing O'Brien criticism that resists r=
eturning to stereotypical representations of her writing and to broad=
en the critical framework of O'Brien scholarship. For example, new r=
eadings of O'Brien's work, criticism that focuses on genres other tha=
n novels and short fiction, discussion of her work in the context of =
twentieth/twenty-first century (Irish) women's writing and more, will=
 all be considered.=0D=0A =0D=0A=0D=0APlease indicate interest in sub=
mitting an essay by 15 June 2005=0D=0A=0D=0AFinished essays of betwee=
n 3000 - 5000 words must be received by 29 July 2005=0D=0A=0D=0APleas=
e submit as Word document electronically to the editors:=0D=0A=0D=
=0A=0D=0A=0D=0ADr Sinead Mooney sinead.mooney_at_nuigalway.=
ie=0D=0A=0D=0ADr Maureen O'Connor
         =0D=0A=0D=0ADr Kathryn Laing kslaing_at_eircom.n=
et=0D=0A=0D=0A=0D=0A=0D=0A =0D=0A=

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